Stephen Colbert In Russia

Last night Stephen Colbert showed that he could be in Russia as an American and highlight the fact that Russian people are fantastic. No matter what is going on with our governments. Russia and the United States have outstanding people.

I am very proud that Stephen Colbert had the guts and dignity to be himself and also to be open to going to Russia. This whole week is Russian week on the his show.

Here is the professional version with a commercial:



Transferring OgFOMK.com Domain from Godaddy

We've transferred our domain from @godaddy to @goggle. There is no excuse for DNS to be down for two days. We were redirecting anyway to blogspot (blogger). We grew tired of the whole shit-service. Unfortunately we paid up to July 2019. We wont do that again.

We moved from @Yahoo to @Godaddy for the same reason.

 Just pathetic.

WordPress was failing. Sometimes down for up to 8 hours. The total time ogfomk.com was down last fiscal year was 10 days. Sure that is mathematically within the 99.9% but it was pathetic.

 Anyway... Thanks to blogger we have been able to seriously have a great content presented while also having https! That's good. As writers we are less fearful than ever that we can finally publish what we want without filtered drivel. That's good.

 We will be releasing about 300 pieces within the next year. Stuff has been piling up. All free! For 2018 we will be publishing again. We're not sure what but it will happen.

Towing a Rowboat Back Home
Towing a Rowboat Back Home

Update: Now ogfomk.com is on Google Domains and it is working like it should.