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First Poem -- Sid's Sewage Song

(March 1986) 19860301 By Alex Nuttall - Bio I hate the world, It's all fucked up; The East and West Are fighting a lot; Eating shitty foods and throwing up, Kid's getting drunk and smoking pot! Don't ask me why I say this, You should look around; Open your damn eyes! This world is falling down. Poet Moscow 2012 -- First Poem -- Sid's Sewage Song * This is the first poem by Alexander Blair Nuttall (aka Sid Sewage) * March 1986 at Ferguson High School, Newport News, Virginia © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1986 - 2020 -- "Sid's Sewage Song" #AlexNuttall #Poetry #Poet #NewportNews #NorfolkScene #ogfomk #FergusonHighSchool