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When The Conditions Are Right, This Will Happen

Buddha Land - Wat Pasantidhamma The Dhamma The word "Dhamma" (Dharma) is a cousin to our word for Earth (Terra). As far as science is concerned the conditions were right and Earth happened. This is the Dhamma that we understand. When the conditions are right, this will happen. That's what Dhamma is. Dhamma is the foundation, the piles, the pile caps, the grade beam and the truth. So when the conditions are right things happen.  Right does not mean good or bad. Right means fecund, fertile or ready. If the conditions are right you will have an accident. If the conditions are right you will save money. If the conditions are right your life will end. All of this is Dhamma! The Four Noble Truths The Noble truth of suffering is based on the conditions are right for suffering truth. The first truth is that There Is Suffering. The second Truth is that there are Causes to Suffering. The third truth is that All Suffering Ceases (When the Conditi

Little Bee and the Thistle

Little Bee and the Thistle Intro I work outside. Most of my years I've worked outside. I've had some inside jobs: Computer Technician, Web Help Desk, Estimator, Barista, Server, Bartender, Computer Store Manager and Book Store Manager.  Some jobs that I've had helped me to transition into the office: Job Admin, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. Those were transitional because I was working in the field as a Lead Carpenter, Form Carpenter or Carpenter Foreman. My experience has led me to appreciate many types of work. It has also led me to understand that it's better to work outside than inside. The Find When I arrive to work I see the transitional sky from night to day. I see the water of the Elizabeth River. I feel the wind or cool breeze. I see the thistle plant and a tiny bee. The bee is a tiny thing. She's maybe 2mm or 1/4" long. My eyes are not so strong at close range but I can make out her d

I love Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virgina

Downtown Norfolk's Harbor Park We are pretty fortunate here. The Elizabeth River divides the land but the ferry, the tunnels and bridges keep us together. I have to be near the water. It's what drives me. Downtown Norfolk and Portsmouth's downtown are easily accessible from each other. Hotels line the waterfronts and you literally have access to nearly a thousand restaurants. You have a mall, movie theaters, condominiums, apartments and houses.  Norfolk and Portsmouth are living cities. Some downtown's are ghost towns on the weekend. Atlanta and Richmond are examples of this.  I've had an apartment in Downtown Norfolk and I currently have a house in Portsmouth. Portsmouth has its ups and downs but I enjoy the waterfront, the festivals, the Farmers' Market and the museums.  I marvel at what holds it all together. Sometimes I think that our local government is smoking crack. Other times I think they really care. That's life.  T

Consider The Lilies in the Field

Alex Nuttall Sleeping Consider the lilies in the field they neither toil nor spin. -- Matthew 6:28, Luke 12:27 I've read the Christian Bible, various translations, several times. The above is from two different New Testament books. I like what the message is.  The message is to let you, the reader or listener know that it's not necessary to struggle because God has it all under control. As a Buddhist I am not concerned with the glory of God. At the same time I'm also not concerned with deprecated other people's faith. In fact if you do a bit of research you'll find that Christians have uncovered many other faiths and practices because their own learning is based on research, discovery and contemplation. Many early Hindu, Chinese and Buddhist texts were brought to the Western world by Christian missionaries.  As the missionaries were salesman (women) their job was to convert as many people as possible. It also was to understa

It Doesn't Matter What Other People Do.

It Doesn't Matter What Other People Do. It doesn't matter what other people do... Period!  Recently we had another set of shootings in Virginia Beach. One man killed, at the time of this writing, 13 people and injured 3 others. This is an extreme example of real human behavior. Yet to my own spiritual life and well being it doesn't matter what that man did. It matters what I do. I could not sleep so I started this post after meditating because I was mulling over shootings, family illnesses, parental health (my parents), spousal health, children's health, grandchildren's health, work, co-workers, bosses, jobs, money, bills, housing, cats, my feet, my work boots, my truck. This endless list continues. I then shifted the focus from them and that to me. I've been a terrible employee, father, son, spouse, grandson, brother, friend, co-worker and citizen many times because of the things I have done. My careless and selfish behavior has led