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Israeli Government Was Formed 75 Years Ago

Israeli government was formed 75 years ago. There are Americans who think that the government has been there for thousands of years. Those Americans are incapable of reading because that would involve critical thinking.  There are Dark Occultists who know this and they are more than happy to exploit this because conflict, dismay and reptilian brains are good for totalitarian slavery. This is why they goad all the people to worship violence. Violence is for human sacrifice. It's for blood letting.  Make no mistake the opposition is part of this as well. All flags are mindless rags and the people in the streets are undesirable fodder for the Global Elite. What better way to destroy the Astrotheology dessert cults? Put them in one area and feed them propaganda about righteousness.  No one needs government. Government is wealth extraction. No one has caused more pain and suffering in the world than the ones who wear

Bitcoin isn't money compliment

The occult is all over science. Good and bad occult. The good occult is just the ignorance of the participants. Like doctors who take the Hippocratic oath who perform abortions, euthanasia and harmful protocols. Astrology isn't bad in itself but the belief that what is external moves the internal is incorrect. The belief that the external is a reflection of the internal and vise verse is morebetterest. The greatest Occult of darkness and the largest religion is the religion of money. Everyone who is charmed by this goes to that alter. The Fiat branch of this church is the worst. When someone says that Bitcoin isn't money that should be regarded as a compliment. Mon + Eye is the temple of Solomon between your ears. It's the pineal gland. The third eye. The all seeing eye is not on green paper. That is a talisman that sorcerers have given us to substitute our own consciousness. Think about this: The bearer instrument is the talisman. We accept it and we exchange it. It can be


When someone takes the time to do the work and someone takes no time to disregard the work the work itself is still done and the pathway of the worker is skill while the pathway of the critic is pain. 

November The Ninth Month

November 1st, 2023 November means the ninth month. For those of you who do not believe that anyone is lying to you why don't you explain this? October - 8, December - 10... You don't think you are under any mind control? You don't believe in conspiracy? You don't think that there is an organized effort to dumb you down and make your very language irrelevant? The days of the week in English: Monday - The Moon Day Tuesday - Tewas (Tir , Mars Day) Wednesday - Woton, Odin's day Thursday - Thor's day Friday - Venus (French) Freya (Goddess -Odin's Daughter) The Morning Star (See Islamic Logo with Moon and Venus) Islamic Holy Day Saturday - Saturn's day (El in Hebrew as in BethEl (Temple of Saturn) -Sabbath day) Jewish holy day Sunday - Sun's Day and Christian holy day. All days of various cults as the weekend reserved for the desert Astrotheology cults. So what does that mean? It means that by visiting the marketplace we have embraced various c