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Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état

20. Mar. 1994 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Broken, scattered fragments from life before… This leash I've set and written to… This life… This hard chest-bomb, Again. It’s alright, I feel a wind and a generous sun. old wind old window old wind-chime old winding road old day This old footprint, stuck in the sand, It will blow away again. Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état, Original Date: 19940320 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1994 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170813. Making the journey forward is not easy. It can be a rocky-road. It can be difficult. It also has to be tread upon. We may not see the eveidence of travel because sand can be blown away. Keywords: #Sand. #Poetry, #Road, #Journey #AlexNuttall #OgFOMK “Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état“ – 20. Mar. 1994 – #AlexNuttall #Poetry #Road

misanthropological study

20 March 1994 By Alex Nuttall - Bio infected by some germ cell From the penis to the vagina; Germ cell feeds and divides; It gets bigger; disfiguring the female Host; The male is not around, or is and awaits The sentence; Gestation of the germ cell-- Nine moons will turn... Germ is finally rejected from the Female, Slightly resembling The infector and Host; The male hears of the prognosis: "It's a boy!” Gaily the trained exorcist Expostulates. © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OGFOM-K Arts 1998 © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017 20170624 -ABN

Grandpa' Buk‘s Last Stand

9 Mar 1994 By Alex Nuttall - Bio A sad window opens and blows sad wind; The old writer dead over a new word processing computer; And young, giggling children under the So. Cal. sun; What fun is it to die of pneumonia-- Especially while trying to re-boot the goddammed computer to expostulate ones last bit of knowledge? The window in the air blows and a roach shares a sandwich; The computer still hums -- dumb, dumb, dumb, computer never booted and it never knew that you were gone; But the flies knew, and they have laid their young on your last sores; Until someone identified you; What did they care?  Into The headline it read, ”Buk is dead, at last... It's about time.” [from OGFOM-K #7, 1994] (edited 29 Sept. 1998) Grandpa' Buk‘s Last Stand © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OGFOM-K Arts 1998 © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017 20170624 -ABN