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The Road to Slavery is Paved in Fiat

29-01-2023 15:01 There is no royal road to Bitcoin but there most certainly is one to slavery. The road to slavery is paved with Fiat ideas and delusions.  Based on Euclid's response to Ptolemy where the king wanted a shortcut to geometry. 

Games and Loss

#Games If you feel like a loser or you have I'll feelings from losing a game it is because you are alive and you have waisted the game by marinating in your defeat.

Central Planning Thought

The only central planning that is correct is the central planning that occurs between the hemispheres of your brain. All other central planning is deception.

The Real Codified Law

Codified Law: 5:5 If you can not understand the law then you are a slave. When you follow your own law you are a master. When your law is only understood by you, it is not law. Codified Law is a shared and stored law. It becomes the property of those who follow it. The more complex a law is the more it is not law, codified, but conjecture, opinion and lawlessness. Finished.