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You Shoulda' Been an Astronaut!

16. Feb. 1997 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Pink pages Big fat lies Ugliness More ugliness Writing Written Untold True to the hour that becomes the day Away and away and away. Like some ugly wound Premeditated By some wise ol’ Head That insists that One will lose the all of it all And will have to call upon Something to heal the being from outside; At least the way is Entrenched with Little bitty shitty bits of the Great nothingness of time and words, Which are the same anyway. Like shallow floods in Suburban yards; Not to worry with rubbers to keep the pods dry and warm. Alex Nuttall, title: You Shoulda' Been an Astronaut!, Original Date: 19970216 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1997 - 2018 The poem "You Shoulda' Been an Astronaut!" by Alexander B. Nuttall was written in 1997 under the duress of Richmond, Virginia. Who knows really what was going on at the time or why he would title this work thi