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Tickle Me Cookies

2. Apr. 1998 By Alex Nuttall - Bio More than not the feelings are evoked and yoked Into this wonderful surprise Naked and tending the row of planted Gardens that the mind has given, Elven tempers are there Whatever they may be and it is not important Anymore a constant reminder of this, Skin is all over the place Look at the bovines copulating! Look at them looking at us, More than not the feelings are created masterpieces of Deception from Within’s hindsight Into this they are running the day like a bad watch Growing the hand of the clock like sundial-daises, Riddles of the Stinks The river Styx Got to get me a fix On the tricks With Blitz and Beaver and Mo Daddy Cleaver Meat and the Rhyme Go to have a good time In the signs you are looking For what was cooking Reminds me of you – Ach-hoo! Phooey!  Dirty minded fetish kicked in the head good luck fella’ Nice to know you were part of the Yella’-war of 1312 B.C