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Daily Press 1987 Bethel High School

13. Jul. 2021 By Alex Nuttall Alex, Cheryl, Jessie and Mike In 1987 we were interviewed at my high school. It was me, Cheryl, Jessie and Lon. We were high school punks.  I was in tenth grade but I should have been in eleventh. I was in my third high school already. I first went to Denbigh High School, then Ferguson High School and finally Bethel High School. I still did not graduate high school until I went to the Hampton Adult Education Center the summer of 1987. I got my GED there. Or I took classes and then tested and then received my state sanctimonious diploma. So I failed 9th grade at Denbigh 1984/85, Then I failed 9th again at Ferguson 1985/86. I went to summer school, 1986, at Bethel and finally made it to tenth grade. Then at Bethel High School once I achieved three, count them, three study halls the administrators asked me to leave 1987. So I dropped out of school in 1987.   1 March 1987 Daily Press Dimensions The above photo is from a newspaper scanned. If yo