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Ross Brooks Show at Copper and Oak Craft Spirits

30. September 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio It's Saturday night. Do you know where your trash is? It might be hanging on the wall at the tasting room of Copper and Oak Craft Spirits . The artist, anthropologist and reclaim archaeologists Ross Brooks shows us what was discarded, rescued, embellished and promoted. Ross Brooks shows us us.  Heidi and Ross Brooks Ross doesn't just hang his findings and finishing touches on the wall. He'll tell you about his discovers too. He's kind enough and honest enough to be shy about his work and then when sharing his discovery you can see the pride of being able to share what he found and did to awaken the discarded refuse spirit. Heidi and Ross Brooks arriving at Copper and Oak The venue was Copper and Oak Craft Spirits, located in the Downtown Portsmouth, Virginia, Olde Towne district. We were able to get there from OgFOMK ArTS' office in a hot, flat 6 minutes. We ain't bar hoppers but we love art

You Won't Find Us on Facebook... Anymore.

1. Sep. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Part 1 - Weird You've been blocked. You won't find us on Facebook anymore. That's a lie. You'll find some of us, but you won't find me. Facebook is not a safe or reliable platform for collaboration.  I was recently very disappointed about 3 weeks ago. My friend and teacher, Ajan Udom, had posted a video with me and some others talking about Buddhist Dhamma. He even called out my name so that all my Facebook peeps could see me running my mouth. My wife even liked it! A day or two later my wife says: "Where is that video Udom put of you? I don't see it. I wanted to show someone else and it was gone."  I checked. Not only was it gone but I could no longer see Udom's profile. I thought, "Jees! did he block me? Maybe I said something wrong? Maybe I embarrassed him?" Fortunately Udom had asked me to use the app Line to keep up with him. I contacted him via Line and I asked hi