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Swingers - Bukowski

30 July 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Every once in a while I will spot something that drives me to take drastic measures to document things that just don't matter. In this case I was watching the movie Swingers . I noticed the book Hollywood  by Charles Bukowski on the table. I did a screen shot. I saved it.  Swingers, Movie with Hollywood book by Charles Bukowski I checked the properties of the photo: Sat 28 Feb 2009 09∶04∶25 PM EST.  "Hmm." I thought. Hollywood (Bukowski novel) This was found in an archive on another system. Once I moved the photo the data changed. Does it really matter? To me it did. It is just interesting now. Swingers Movie Poster At the time I made the screen shot, saved it, moved it, archived it and forgot it. I know the answer. If you are a fan of Charles Bukowski's work you will know the answer too. As the people who made the movie know the answer. Or was it a set person who knew the answer? Drun