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Indefinite Length, Part 9

8. Jul. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio

Charlee decides to take the bus instead of hiring a car. Safety in numbers, safety in not sharing exact destinations, safety in keeping fists clenched. The sigil is glowing, has been glowing all morning. That hand is shoved in the pocket of Charlee's trench coat, balled up tight and fingernails making dents in the palm. Nothing to see here, fellow passengers, not plotting to bestow a lifetime of darkness on some white-haired asshole, nope. So maybe it will kill him, who knows? Not our place to judge. This is metaphysical shit, between him and God. But that's certainly not what's in my pocket.
The landscape rolling by outside is mundane and dirty and does not hold Charlee's attention. Fast food, gas station, church, repeat. Inside the bus, the view is only slightly more colorful, mostly thanks to the older woman in a bright floral housedress and hot orange slippers with a gold threaded logo across the toes, which Charlee can&#…