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Picture 8

24. Jul 2007 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Arranged by: Alexander Nuttall Published on Jul 24, 2007 From Charles Bukowski to The Fountain, this is picture 8.  Music by Orbital As a writer Alex Nuttall became enamored by Charles Bukowski. Rumor has it that he once saw the old man on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News back in 1992. Charles Bukowski, as the story goes, was in a black BMW. The music was chosen because Orbital just seemed to fit. In the video there are images of  Interlink Computers, Hampton, Virginia 2003. Finally there are images of Alex's new family Roza, Alen, Alina who end up making his life complete.  So it is meaningful and at the same time a pot of crabs. No one knows why Mel Gibson is showing up, but this may be something to do with Mad Max