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Pastor GOES OFF on the Biden Administration

Original Source: Ivan_ursery Recently I had the pleasure of watching The Officer Tatum where one of his viewers sent him a link to an Instagram post about a Preacher Going off on the Biden Administration . Here is that video:  After some looking around I found the video and I watched it entirely. Unfortunately I wanted to share it and sure as the day sky gedts blue Instagram suppressed it to be viewed only by account holders. I couldn't accept that. So I am posting it here. If you have anymore information on this man please contact us and we will update this including crediting the video source! It is much appreciated.  It appears to be from the Instacram user @Ivan_Ursary (So Credits to you!). This also might be his Twitter Handle:  @ivan_ursery

Cisgender Sloppy Slavery

Corporations are asking if you are Cisgender on applications.  Transgender Flag: Wikipedia Transgender Amazing! They want to know this not to discriminate against you but to control and corral you as a human. Your pay is decreasing by inflation and your mind is a playground for the slave masters. If they identify you as a "feeler" you will eventually work for free.  The question to ask is: "Why are they supposed to supply me with tools, clothes, insurance and equity?"  Answer: Because they want to control the fruit of your labor.  If you get a chance to see a Soviet Union passport. You'll see that they identify your ethnic group for you. The more you have to document your identify the more that the bean-counters need to insure equity. The more that equity must be insured the more that unimaginative bean-counters must be hired. They more that central authorities must gain in your labor and earnings. It's communism. The illusion that there is a gro

Man and Emasculated Text

I'm reading the book, Why Buy Bitcoin: Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow , by Andy Edstrom. Andy has made it a point to use female pronouns throughout the book and only female pronouns. Except for the female pronouns which are distracting it's a great book.  So, why is it distracting? It's distracting because all humans are men and some humans are women. Women are men with wombs. Men are the plural of man. Man, literally means... Are you ready? Are you sure? Let's go... Man, literally means, "hand." Yes, "man" means "hand." This is illustrated in the following words: Manufacture  Manual Mankind Manifest Manipulate Manikin Woman Women So when you use "masculine" pronouns you are speaking to men. Not necessarily humans with penises. But, if you use "feminine" pronouns you are definitely speaking to men with wombs.  If you want to write a work that is more inclusive you may pepper masculine and feminine p

Pounds to Grams

3/4 of a pound is equal to 340.1943 grams. Now you can do the math in your head for conversion.