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7. Apr. 1996 By Alex Nuttall - Bio There was a poem somewhere Around there, And that five-tenth-o-millimeter pencil was Hustling into my naked Awaiting hand. “Use me, use me, baby!” It cried. But none of that mattered. With the exception that I might Lose any intimate feeling I persuaded the sleepless morning Half-dream of legs connected To round and sturdy ass Connected to silken stomach And centered navel and taught, Firm nipples and breasts And, Oh, my goodness a Neck to bite And long dark hair… But it was only a sleepless Turn of events, There was no fluid exchange, A mechanical pencil, That is all, And what can that do? The poem "0.5mm" written by Alex Nuttall. When Alex Nuttall writes he is telling short stories with few words. Here he is looking at a mechanical pencil and wondering what it can do. In a few scribbles the pencil and author are enjoying a woman's body. It's an intimate occasion as writing