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Poem: All Romes Lead to the Road

17. Nov. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Poem: All Romes Lead to the Road 20181116-0156 Good night and thank you for listening, All Romes lead to the road, Common language somehow upsetting, The balance and the wind shuffle; Good night and early morning travels Vaguely saying the measures of mile Twisting haphazardly with Meter, Rhyme And dusty Feet marching route-step; In cadence, exercise! I hate you and You hate me! Dirty, stinking privates Won't brush their teeth! Laughing at The patience of the Grand Narcissist; Good night and say goodbye to games Played on the playa with the Devil Bending his knee to publicly pray and Say: "Have a blessed day." As you vomit; Good night and listen for the vomitorium To hand over fist fulls of fools feeling Frothy fantastic fetes for fabricated Nonsensual desires landing in tepid waters; Over the river and through the woods With difficult breathing and difficult Breathing for fantastic difficult ro

Crime and Leadership

4. Nov. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Crime By Affiliation Anarchist: You Do Your Crime and I'll Do Mine Autocrat: Anarchist Criminals. Bureaucrat: Crime In Drawers and Files Communist: Mandatory Crime For Everyone. Democrat: Disorganized Crime. Dictator: Of The Criminals, For The Criminals, By The Criminals Libertarian: May The Strongest Criminal Win. Monarchist: Crime For The Chosen Criminal. Republican: Organized Crime. Socialist: Crime For Everyone. Technocrat: Sticks And Stones Criminals. Theocrat: Crime For The Chosen Blessed Criminal. Crime and Leadership, Alex Nuttall provides a simple chart based on his leadership bewilderment to  help you make your decision while the electoral college makes theirs. Please vote so that the electoral college can do what they want. It's just like Mommy's smart phone with sparkly things. #OgFOMK #CRIME #LEADERSHIP #VOTE #ELECTIONS