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FreeCAD Sawhorse 02.02

By Alex Nuttall - Bio This is the same sawhorse as  Sawhorse 3 - 20170219  but I wanted to try the FreeCAD  software suite. It was very difficult at first. I was able to save the work and export it, but the suite could not keep all of the separate pages. As an American carpenter I would prefer to work in feet/inches as is the standard for Imperial Architectural work but the units were not available at the time of the drawing. If anyone would like to buy the plans I will produce the units in Feet (Engineer as in drawing), Feet/inches (Imperial) or Metric (mm or cm). I used the Gimp  to color the drawing. FreeCAD is amazing, but I highly recommend that you save your work as much as possible. Well worth the experiment and I'd like to see someone give the team funding because it needs a lot of work but it can definitely open up design to those who do not want to be encumbered by proprietary licenses. FreeCAD has plenty of documentation too. This is a tutorial:  https://ww