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A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity The Times They Are a Toughing It has always been tough here on earth. Make no mistake about that. From historical accounts to the sculpted busts of our gods and heroes. It's all been tough and we humans drug up the toughness to the point of reflection in this toughness. In the United States we are so full of vanity, dissolution and delusion. We are not too far from the rest of the planet in this, but we have a special twist. We believe that, yes, everyone suffers but we can fix it. Just give us some time. On the other hand we have people suffering here in our own country because we have been sold an idea that we can achieve anything if we work hard, follow the rules, lie, cheat, make friends, lose friends, go to church or temple or prayer house or the movies and buy all kinds of crap that we do not need. It has always been and always will be a tough existence. Our existence is a kinder and gentler strike again

Not Darkness and Not Light

Holding your hand You are shaking and I am afraid That this will be your last day As I know you Your tombstone, I threaten, Will read, not "Done," But it will read, "I'll be back." I've always known that death would come to me And I was lonely in this understanding But you let me understand that  I had a friend, a love, a cosmic companion, Yet here you are  Shaking Eyes blank Skin cold Breath amiss and leaving Shutting down Dying, All of my power to hold and grasp and keep you Is futile You are slowly dying and I miss you Even before you pass, Enough! You've returned And you are as opinionated as ever, My cosmic companion has returned, Not interested in another body  You push this one along a little longer, It's not darkness, nor is it light, It's the wool over my eyes And I like it That I am able to spend one more day, hour, minute and second With you, I know I

The Cat's out of the Bag

Dimka, "Grey Smoke" This is Dimka. Her name is a Russian variant word that means "grey smoke". She appeared to us about three years ago. We found her out front of our little townhouse in the rainy part of August 2016. It was cold and very wet. She was shivering and hungry.  Dimka at the front door 2016 We already had an indoor only cat. I told my wife that if this outside cat hangs around for 5 days we will adopt her. I made a little shelter outside for her to sleep in. As it turns out she had the attention of both of my next door neighbors.  a.k.a. Mosby, "Gray Ghost" George was my neighbor to the right. He did not like cats. He did however find interest in Dimka. George had bought food for her and named her after Civil War General  John S. Mosby  because of her grey coat. John S. Mosby was known as the "Gray Ghost" (Incidentally the word for guest in Russian is ghost). Joan was my neighbor to the left. She wa

Dear Humanity or 4th of July Muse

Dear Humanity; We are absolutely ready to move on and build spaceports, rocket ships and mine the solar system for valuables. In the meantime why not take care of the labor force here on Earth.  It's July 4th and we thought we would send you our patriotic message. We hear the music, fireworks and gunshots. You don't think that we hear the fear too! We sure do. It's also a rhythmic ripple on the water of life. We've lived long enough not to be afraid of it all. So you shall reap that fearlessness too! Butterfly Isn't it amazing what we bring to the table. Our raw abilities and the skills we have acquired are amazing. We don't need a great leader for this we need a great nation of leaders to step up and step out of the greedy box. You think that your place in this universe is fixed? Think again. This fragile planet is not going to sustain us for too long. She is the egg. We want to make sure that this mother and her