She She She...

26 Aug 1998 

I wanted to write poems today,
It's so selfish, I know,
But I kept seeing her face and I dreamed
That she was there and that she was the
Wisest human that I could know.
I wanted to write poems today
About love and fire,
Instead I was chastised with my own desire.
I wanted to write the great American
But I got sick, drunk, or died.
Dead, I received a blow to the head and
I was the amigo of some third world pig.
I wanted to write that poem that we could all
answer too,
But it all ended with a quick breeze and
I ended up just being horny.

© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OGFOMK Arts 1998
© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017
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I am not man enough

23 Aug 1998

I am not man enough to admit I have been
Beaten by the loves that threshold brings forth
I am not man enough to pay for everyone else's
And I am not man enough to stare in the sun and
get a buzz off of it
I am not man enough to wish that the she that she is
would just stop pestering my dreams
I am not man enough to stop the flow of righteous
I man not man enough to rule the world for a short
period of time
I am not man enough to get killed for the sake of
I am just not man enough to really be a man
I guess that I will Just have to be what I am...
A man,

© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OGFOM-K Arts 1998
© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017
20170624 -ABN



7. Aug. 1998

                               Apostasy, here
Forgets his mother’s good bread--
                              Remembers sore cheeks.

Here is a haiku - 575.

Giving up his religion and most of the values taught to him the son here is blaming his mother for the laps of faith. As short as this poem is the son also suddenly remembers how good his mother's cooking was. In the end he remembers the beatings over the cooking. It's a short thought in 1998. After this the healing can begin. No more blame for the path he takes. It's in his hands.

 by Alex Nuttall, title: Apostasy, Original Date: 19980807 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 – 2018 – Retro-published 20180318.

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