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Zalenskyy Demands More From Biden and Congress

​ A very different perspective from the Hodge Twins on the President of the Ukraine begging the United States President and Congress for a war and money.  The perspective is that Ukraine's Zalenskyy should surrender. Now that sounds like weakness but what's a stake? World War III is at stake.  Now why would gun rights advocates want another nation to surrender? Well, maybe it has something to do with living in a place where there are no fun rights for civilians and only criminals, conscripts and the military are allowed to have weapons. The Ukrainian people are in the middle of an evil power grab. Ukraine is an example of why the United States should have armed citizens. 1 out 3 US citizens is LEGALLY armed. There are also a lot of citizens that have legal undocumented arms. Then there are those of us who have been trained to manufacture improvised arms. Then there are the hunters, fishermen and mixed martial artists who can take whatever arms the oppressor may b

Buddha and Bitcoin

1/ Buddha and #Bitcoin 12 Tweets 🧵 The job of a Buddha who is capable of teaching is to help humans develop an awakened mind. He is not to be worshipped and would never want that. He only needs to be fed, have shelter and sometimes care because he is a human.  2/ Bodhisattva The job of a Bodhisattva is to become a Buddha. A Bodhisattva vows also to help all others do the same. A powerful vow.  3/ Arahant An Arahants is a Buddha who has awakened with the help of another Buddha's instruction. An Arahant if he can teach is to instruct as a Buddha.  4/ Dhamma The Dhamma is the law, the truth and the pathway. Some call the Dhamma many things because the truth is knowable but indescribable. Things that work obey the Dhamma. When people pray sincerely they are addressing the Dhamma. The math of Proof of Work is the Dhamma.  5/ Mara Mara is death. He is the deceiver. He uses the truth to create the false. Mara is known as the Shaiton or Satan. Mara is the great liar. Mara is F

Cry for Help from Ukraine

Our family friend sent this. I do not believe that Russia, Ukraine, NATO, Europe or the United States need to be in a war. It's so stupid. We have so many friends and family who are getting hurt.  Our friend was just in the Ukraine and she only went there for her Grandmother's funeral. She barely made it out of there back to the US. She's an awesome young lady. Who has very high integrity and she's not one for hyperbole.  Friends and family in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other Eastern Asian and European places are being attacked by Global Elites who have already been destroying the planet now since December of 2019 when they released a biological plandemic.  This is all part of Build Back Better or the GREAT RESET. This includes the devaluing of all Fiat Currencies and exponential money printing.  Here is our friend's note. She was boots on the ground there last month. Please share this and hopefully the people who have the power to stop this can do so.

Bitcoin as a 2nd Amendment Right against Weaponized Currency

Bitcoin is a hedge against Tyranny and it is a fundamental right of the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. "2nd Amendment" by Ben Taylor55 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In order to maintain a well regulated Militia and keep the security of a free State the right of people to keep and bear Arms is currently infringed upon by Fiat currency that is dependent on a centralized bank controlled by a few members of various states.  Increasingly the currency in question, the United States Dollar, is weaponized and its use is to control citizens, foreign interests, elections, education, healthcare and the bare necessities of life like food, water, clothing and shelter. Bitcoin as a 2nd Amendment Right against Weaponized Curren