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Nothing Good Ever Happens

29. Nov. 2017 By Alex Nuttall - Bio A Henrique Couto Movie! Henrique Couto - Nothing Good Ever Happens Henrique Couto writes, directs and has a fantastic team of friends who act. This is the movie Nothing Good Ever Happens: Henrique Couto  writes, directs and produces some films that we were attracted to by Amazon Prime. In fact we had no idea who he was but after watching five of his movies we have to say that we love his work and the work of his team. Please watch this. Comment on it. Let him know that OgFOMK ArTS referred you!  © Hernique Couto / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Movies - Not Horror - "Nothing Good Ever Happens"  #OgFOMK #HenriqueCouto #Movies #NothingGoodEverHappens #Independant #Film

I'll Be Voting and You Can Too!

6. Nov. 2017 By Alex Nuttall - Bio I love when public servants use full sentences. This guy here made me proud to be American. All those years of public school were not squandered because I realized that speaking well and writing could elevate the consciousness of all of us. This guy here made me proud to be American - Barack Obama Little did I know that bathroom graffiti, incomplete sentences and marginal behavior would normalize itself. I look back on my petulant early works and even they pointed in a better direction. I do hope that as Americans we can return to good manners, intelligent language and progressive thought. Whether we believe it or not the planet is changing. So is our consciousness. I'll be voting on Tuesday. There's no excuse for me not to. The polling center is literally in my back yard. It's an African Methodist Episcopal Church. Emanuel A.M.E. Church, Portsmouth VA If you are like me and grew up in the Hampton