OgFOMK ArTS is the Constructive Technology Aggregate for Optical Graphic Fabrication of Manufactured Kinesthetics. We specialize in the arts, technology and communication. Our team is comprised of several talented artists, essayists, researchers and industry professionals.

OgFOMK ArTS is a "Rolling Release or Distribution" which means that we are constantly updating content, creating new content or retro-publishing legacy content. Seen as an outlet for our portfolio works, desires, passions and quirks OgFOMK ArTS continues to expand. We have been in business since 1987. We have worked in publishing, construction, documentation, promotion and marketing services.

OgFOMK ArTS Publishes the works of artists, poets, writers and researchers. Currently our focus is to return to the arts by the web and create honest content that is a positive influence on the world. We like to empower others to do the same. Essentially this is the cave where we paint the pictures of the hunt. We visualize the goal. We execute. For us the goal is creating new and fresh content or releasing retro-content that may in fact bring about better ideas and consciousness. A lofty goal. We know.

Our Team:

Lon Bennett: (Lon Bennett) joins us after an absence of 30 years! He was an original contributor to our first publication The Hounds of Bastardville. He is currently working as a tattoo artist. His work is unique, thought provoking and well worth the eye and mind space. 

His first collection and series of drawings is called A Series in Red and Black.
His second collection and series of drawings is called The Black Ink Series.
His third collection and series is called Mixed Media Series.

Lon Bennett
Lon Bennett

Cristy Johnson Bowen (Cristy Johnson Bowen) is originally from Newport News VA.

Born in the Blues (Newport News, VA) in 1972. Cristy stumbled through life not really knowing what to do with herself. She was deep into punk rock in her high school years and ran totally off the rails when she saw her first Grateful Dead show.  

She still appreciates the entire spectrum of music and the arts. She had a couple of kids and thought the corporate life would be for her... NOPE!! It was not.

Today she would much rather spend her time raising her kids and enjoying life.  She hasn't had time for writing in some years. She is looking forward to picking up the pen again with us at OgFOMK.

Cristy Johnson Bowen
Cristy Johnson Bowen

Tom Deans: (Tom Deans) lives in Poquoson, Virginia. He is a hustler. He can be found driving around, selling books, exposing musical talents and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles. Sometimes all at once. We cajoled him to write for OgFOMK ArTS because we want to see more of his work. His sense of humor, keen observations and thirst for life are contagious. He’s the type of guy you can discuss inappropriate titles for children’s books. His analysis on bands that are lame but have cool t-shirts is well worth listening to.

Tom Deans
Tom Deans

Cary B. Epes, Jr. (Cary B. Epes, Jr. ) is a long time friend and contributor of OgFOMK ArTS from as far back as 1986. He is a talented musician, poet, writer and master plumber. While many of our scene remained complacent that society was against them and they could never make it without being underground Cary was the opposite.

As a master plumber he has been able to build a loyal customer base and earn a living that allows him to take care of his family and travel. He can sometimes be found playing guitar in Cozzy's Comedy Club and Tavern in Newport News. 

His writing has previously been published in OgFOMK ArTS zine: Issue 8, Issue 7, and Issue 6. Working for OgFOMK ArTS Cary has collated, stapled, distributed and sold the zine in the past. He has also worked on various projects and bands: Gutter Bubble, Manor Farm, and Mudbone Slingshot Trio. 

Cary B. Epes, Jr. at Cozzy's Comedy Club and Tavern | @vdeel Youtube
Cary B. Epes, Jr. at Cozzy's Comedy Club and Tavern | @vdeel Youtube

William Hawkes (William Hawkes) is well read world traveler, writer, photographer and legal guru. He also happens to be a fantastic musician. He is a new contributor to OgFOMK ArTS. We look forward to seeing and reading more of his work.

William Hawkes
William Hawkes

Jennifer I. (Jennifer) is an Integrative medicine specialist: Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery services & Aligned Essence training (energy/Reiki). Her practice has been developed lately in Arizona.

Jennifer’s first teacher in this field of healing was back in 1992. She’s been studying several modalities/aspects of healing in non traditional ways for 25 years. She’s been in traditional school for 6 years but She’s studied with native elders, various shaman, etc. for over 25 yrs. She didn't develop this course of interest in only Arizona. It all started in California. 

Her Higher Conscious Healing practice offers hypnotherapy and Aligned Essence.  She offers other areas of knowledge and training. She has been going to school for the past six years to get paper certified in practices that She has learned for the most part through non traditional means. She is knowledgeable in holistic nutrition, animal communication and plant medicine/herbalism. She is working to completed the traditional/paper certification of those arts too. 

Like many professionals she is constantly in school. Currently she is working on the completion of her Animal Communication/Healing certification. She will then complete the last bit of classes for her double degree in Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition. 

Her writing will expand into many areas, not just hypnotherapy and Aligned Essence.

Jennifer I.

Jennifer I.

Gertrude Jewell (Gertrude Jewell) From Chicago, Illinois Gertrude brings to the table a lot of skill and creative energy. She is by profession an attorney. Her interests range from the arts, movies, great books and social discussion.

As an attorney she does pro bono work for veterans who are in need. She also does lectures on business law. In between that and her consultant work she can be found walking her two dogs.

Her first contribution to us comes via the muse of poetry.

Gertrude Jewell
Gertrude Jewell

Todd E. Owens (Todd E. Owens) Norfolk born, self-taught artist Todd E. Owens has been creating art since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Rebelling against the standard and structured art instruction of educational institutions, Todd followed his own path, unencumbered by the "rules" of the art world.

Todd started gaining notice in "the scene" as a show flyer artist for the infamous King's Head Inn of Norfolk. He also designed many T-shirts, record covers, and various artwork for many regional bands. He was also the lead singer for The Bottle Babies (3 time local music award winners), The Trauma Dolls, The Sleaze Stacks, and So What!!

Winner of the prestigious Norfolk Artist Award at the 2014 Stockley Garden’s Art Festival, Owens consistently shows that his work is not only hip and edgy, but sophisticated and versatile as well. His range is explored in all of his showings, from the pop art inspired “Idols” series, to his iconic pieces inspired from the scenes of cult classic films, to the self titled “psycho-surrealism” style that first brought the artist attention in the early 90’s."

Todd is the curator for 757 Makerspace Studio Gallery, Founder and Co-Owner of HIVE Contemporary Art, a unique art supplier for Brand Fuel, and his work can be seen at Hell's Kitchen in Norfolk, Cinema Cafe in VB and Chesapeake, and at art festivals up and down the East Coast.

Todd E. Owens
Todd E. Owens

Verna Peddi (Verna Peddi)  is originally from Hampton, Virginia. She is one of the originally hands on contributors for OgFOMK ArTS, The k-9s band, Screaming Silence and other projects of the early Hampton, Virginia scene. 

She has been a hairdresser for 26 years and she does a great job. She has cut Alex Nuttall's hair more than once. Don't blame her if Alex's hair looks screwy now because she lives in Florida. 

As a Floridian she is a Florida Scout for the Florida Public Archeology Network - FPAN. We look forward to her sharing her research work. Her passion for archaeology, anthropology and the discoveries of Florida's past are fascinating.

She has been married for 15 years years to a fantastic gentleman. She has two toy poodles.

Verna Peddi
Verna Peddi

Alexander B. Nuttall (Alexander Nuttall) started this mess in 1987. It was a dream in 1986. Truth be known a friend of his created a publication using a church Xerox machine and Alex figured he could do the same.  His first 'zine was created by hand in 1987. After this experience he found an IBM Selectric typewriter.

IBM Selectric II

From that point on Alex began to write like a mad man. Of course 99% of his work went into handwritten books. But as far as getting the word out he figure it was best to make it look good.

Eventually Alex enlisted others over the years and he increased his technological prowess from word processors, to desktop and laptop computers using windows 3.11 all the way to now where he uses GNU/Linux and Open Source Software.

Alex Nuttall
Alex Nuttall

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