Bitcoin isn't money compliment

The occult is all over science. Good and bad occult. The good occult is just the ignorance of the participants. Like doctors who take the Hippocratic oath who perform abortions, euthanasia and harmful protocols.

Astrology isn't bad in itself but the belief that what is external moves the internal is incorrect. The belief that the external is a reflection of the internal and vise verse is morebetterest.

The greatest Occult of darkness and the largest religion is the religion of money. Everyone who is charmed by this goes to that alter. The Fiat branch of this church is the worst.

When someone says that Bitcoin isn't money that should be regarded as a compliment. Mon + Eye is the temple of Solomon between your ears. It's the pineal gland. The third eye. The all seeing eye is not on green paper. That is a talisman that sorcerers have given us to substitute our own consciousness.

Think about this:

The bearer instrument is the talisman. We accept it and we exchange it. It can be printed easily and that devalues the bearer instrument exchanged. Worse, the talisman with sigils advertises the electronic balances created out of debt for the talisman that doesn't exist yet but already has been promised in payment of Time, Talent and Treasure.

Bitcoin has become a new talisman. It's still not money. It's still not One-Eye. But Bitcoin works for the math and energy of natural law. It will continue to work until it is occulted by the ones who harvest it now. I'm thinking Michael Sailor and others who are Fiat rich but know that it's days are (re)numbered, then it's going to be a matter of selling them services and stuff. How much can you sell a small group? Darker days ahead for the one eyed blind.

When the scientists work for the time chain instead of the imbalance of slavery the science will improve but we still have humans who do not even understand how their minds work programming artificial intelligence. Talk about oxymoron.

Satoshi stepped away. Those who enjoy civilization will take all of the good and monetize it. Those who take all of the good of the Universe will never be broke. Those who find themselves in the center will be enlightened.

There will be some, maybe many who will appear miserable. Some will wake up and realize that they are crisis actors. The machinations of sorcerers will continue because sorcerers manufacturer money but they do not NEED it. They never needed it.

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