November The Ninth Month

November 1st, 2023

November means the ninth month. For those of you who do not believe that anyone is lying to you why don't you explain this? October - 8, December - 10...

You don't think you are under any mind control? You don't believe in conspiracy? You don't think that there is an organized effort to dumb you down and make your very language irrelevant?

The days of the week in English:

Monday - The Moon Day
Tuesday - Tewas (Tir , Mars Day)
Wednesday - Woton, Odin's day
Thursday - Thor's day
Friday - Venus (French) Freya (Goddess -Odin's Daughter) The Morning Star (See Islamic Logo with Moon and Venus) Islamic Holy Day
Saturday - Saturn's day (El in Hebrew as in BethEl (Temple of Saturn) -Sabbath day) Jewish holy day
Sunday - Sun's Day and Christian holy day.

All days of various cults as the weekend reserved for the desert Astrotheology cults.

So what does that mean? It means that by visiting the marketplace we have embraced various cults and cultures and we have lived with each other for a very long time. We have central planners who want to control our behavior by mandates and measures that end up being arbitrary, incorrect, blasphemous or just wrong. So be it. 

We go to the marketplace anyway. We honor each other and we, upon learning a little about someone else, study them and learn to offer what he or she likes. 

War is a central planner's dark occult human sacrifice. Don't play their game. Learn what things mean. Learn about the occult symbols. Learn about the occult words. Act accordingly. The truth is very simple and it is obscured by central planners who are about as useful as undisciplined children. 

Human life is a gift from God. God is the great Architect of this world. Not the God of any particular cult but the God that people ask of (God as in Ask). The truth is that which is the ground. That is what Saint George was made of. That is the ground the Buddha pointed to. That is the Torah, Terra, Terrain, Taro, Dhamma, Dharma, Dirt, Geo, Earth. There is no ambiguity with regards to grounding. It is necessary for all energetic operations.

You are the ones who as humans have the keys to the Kingdom. This place is not a hell of a heaven. This place is the truth and it is where only humans can be bound and can be free at the same time. To be born a human is a great privilege in this Universe. Higher and Lower beings are bound by their dimensions. We have earned our humanity by billions of years of life. Don't let the evil ones confiscate your care, courage and property. This place is ours and it is our responsibility to care for it together. 

Go out and do some business with joy!

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