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Etymology is a wild ride!

Etymology is a wild ride! Inspired by a post: Christ and Krishna have the same roots and both mean the anointed one (with ashes) and also refers literally to a "black guy".  In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, tells Arjuna (Literally means the "white guy" ) that his behavior in not wanting to fight a war (Mahabharata - The great play) is un - Ayrian ( not noble ).  In this case the point is that being Ayrian has NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN but has everything to do with being a good Noble Fighter (Property rights...). The Buddha's philosophy literally is called the Ayrian Truth (Aria Sattva ( same SAT as Satoshi). The joke in India (also called Bharata as in Mahabharata) is that Hitler lost the war because he drew the Swastika backwards. India, of course is a country full of light, brown, red