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The Super Privi

The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley Many around me have been tired of me talking about a failing financial system. It doesn't mean just dollars or the Federal reserve. Oil just dropped below zero yesterday. I really started to learn about this in December 2019.  I was already disappointed by our financial system but I just assumed that it was rigged or maybe I didn't know how yet to leverage it. The current system is going to run itself dry.  The good news is that we have many great tools available to us. These tools have been selflessly built and are into action now.  This epidemic was inevitable. Because poor, uneducated, discarded human beings have been left out of the elite financial system the activities of those people are touching everyone.  I'm still hearing from privileged "whites" how if people learned how to save money they works not be in this mess. It's wage slavery. I still hear from privileged &qu