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The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3

28. Oct. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3 -- Alex Nuttall 20181028 The Shooting in Pittsburgh I didn't think I needed to write Jazz Rabbi, Part 3. After yesterday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue I'm up this morning doing so. Those who have inspired the hatred that has manifested into bombs and bullets are responsible. Killing those responsible would only perpetuate the problem. Taking a human life is suicide. Homicide is suicide. Why? Upon deeper investigation there is the truth that the privilege to choose is human and to promote the destruction of another human is far worse than doing the act. The gunman, the bomb maker and the promoter are living the worst possible lives. The salesman to homicide is headed for a darkness in sickness, old age and eventual death. These forces follow us all. To motivate so much and then to have increased one's own suffering by doing so is the worst possible choice.. There will be a day when

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2

27. Oct. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2 -- Alex Nuttall 20181027 Going to Temple I went to the Orthodox Temple on Saturday. I wore my favorite gray cardigan sweater, khaki slacks, wing-tip shoes and a white shirt. The only person I knew here was the Rabbi. Upon entering I was handed a yamaka. I was told that I could keep it. It was really nice. My first yamaka. I sat on the men's side of the temple.  There were pews just like any church. There were prayer books too. There were hymnals. There were not communion shot glasses. We were not going to drink the blood of Christ, grape juice (Southern Conservative Baptist) or wine (Catholic). The temple was warm. The pulpit was there. The Torah arrived on time. The Torah Everyone was friendly. I felt comfortable. The men wore the prayer clothes. The unusual part to me were the

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1

25. Oct. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1 -- Alex Nuttall 20181025 The Dream I went to sleep that night hungry. I lived in an apartment in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia. It was sometime in the late 1990s. The year was 1998 . I couldn't keep a job. I was depressed. I prayed all the time. I have prayed as many times and as many ways as there are humans on this earth. When I went to sleep that night I had yet to pray like a Jew. You see, I've been a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim and a Buddhist but not yet a Jew.  I had a dream. In the dream I was in a gymnasium. It was large. There were thousands of people in the gym. In the center I saw a red haired and red bearded fellow whom I thought was a viking. He was a powerful man. He also played the drums. He was amazing. I walked up to the man as he played. He was drumming like crazy. He was all over the drum set. Beating, beating, beating on those skins. Ba-tap! Ba-bomp! Ba-ting! Ba-too!

Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months

13. Jan. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Google is " sunsetting " the consumer end of Google+ . As Blogger users we have a choice on our profiles to either use Google+ or Blogger. This profile is seperate from our About page which has more specific profile information as contributors to OgFOMK ArTS. I've switched the settings in our blog to default now to the Blogger profiles: Here is Kim's  and here is mine . I actually like it better because it keeps anyone curious about us focused within the Blogger ecosystem. The biggest problem I had with Google+ profile is that it could send you everywhere but back to where you came from. For navigation purposes that's a "no-go."  I like Google+. I don't love it. I follow a lot of interesting people. It's ending so that's that. My favorite Social network is LinkedIn for me  and OgFOMK ArTS . My most used is Facebook . I still like Twitter  (Thanks to President Donald Trump a whole lot

OK, So Maybe You Will Find Us On Facebook

2. October 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio RE:  You Won't Find Us on Facebook... Anymore. Yep, We sure were angry. We were very upset. Out of control, we felt. Too busy. A cluttered mess of me, myself and I. The OgFOMK ArTS social media train wreck. We got over it with a little bit of Rhythm and Blues.  As we disconnected not just OgFOMK but our personal profile we waited for our profile to die. Facebook was toxic and too busy. Our profile died. Happiness from a new birthday party! (Nick Cave Reference).  Fortunately the co-editor kept her cool. She just watched the baby poop on itself. It wasn't her baby. She just bought diapers, sang songs and listened to the ramblings of the baby. She knew it was just like a hurricane. It would pass. Alex Nuttall -- Editor, Publisher, CEO and Train Wreck We had a meeting in my head.  "Self", I said, "you need to exercise all avenues for OgFOMK ArTS!  You have to work hard to stabilize th