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Movie Review - Sheba, Baby

12. Jan. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio It was well past midnight. Try 2 a.m. early. We don’t have cable so we watch what the rabbit ears bring. Our rabbit ears brought us the Bounce network. The Bounce network brought us Sheba, Baby with actress Pam Grier. We made some sleepy tea and watched a masterpiece. Superficially we thought this was a blacksploitation film. The “Hey, jive turkey!” was the flag. But the movie was moving so fast we didn’t have time to judge anymore. We were hooked. There are lot’s a great movie things to enjoy: Pimps, loan sharks, boats, yachts, assault rifles, uzis, explosions, murder, and fight scenes. But that’s the surface. Underneath you can tell everyone who made the movie was having a good time. Our favorite scene was when Pam Grier goes commando in a wet suit. She reminds us of Sean Connery as James Bond. She is really in the water. She is really swimming.  Of course her makeup is perfect and her hair is intact.  The wet suit is exa

Velvet Reverend Al -- The State of Meditation Address

6. Jan 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Preface to the Address: In 1988 I was given a book on Buddhism. My friend and young Republican, Raul said: “Alex, I think you will benefit from this practice.” I was 18 and already I had ideas of yoga, meditation and the lot of spiritual practices. The easy key was to do it and not talk about it. I did the opposite. Sure I practiced some. Sure I took the occasional yoga class or meditation sit in. Mostly I just talked about it. Things were getting serious all of the time. Overwhelmingly serious. I was vibrating at a frantic pace and I was headed for destruction. Always there was destruction. In 1995 I joined the Army National Guard. My religion was Hindu. That’s what my dog tags said. That’s what I decided I was. I was a Kshatriya! I figured that I needed to submit to some training and respectfully I chose the Army. In my 4th year of my National Guard position I requested that my religion be known as Buddhist. I su