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МИР - Komplete

3. Jun. 2006 By Alex Nuttall - Bio МИР - Komplete МИР - Komplete If there ever was a time for peace and recognition of the world it is every day. In 2006 I was experimenting with language and drawing. I had all but given up writing. This drawing is telling a new story. I was influenced by Kenneth Patchen. It does not tell a great story. The story is small. The Russian word for peace and also the world is Mir / МИР ( Meer ). The misspelled "Complete" is finished only by phonetics.   I was always fascinated by the ability of others to tell stories. My dream is to be a multi-lingual story teller. Here I'm not really telling more than rudimentary story. A very basic one.  © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - МИР - Komplete #OgFOMK #AlexNuttall #BlackandWhite #Gray #Newsprint #Charcoal #Pencil #Drawing #Art