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Sexual Distraction

The reduction of humanity to sexual preference is entropy. If you have many sexual partners you are preparing your future as a lower organism. You are not building a family or contributing to successful humanity. You are just mining orgasms and paving the way for transhumanist homicide, suicide and genocide. You're born with all of the perks and limitations of human life and you throw it away on entertaining your lizard brain.  Get married and raise children. The only real wealth you will ever have is your family. If you are an older person, like me help others to do the same. The globalists want you to be over sexualized, neutered, castrated, and paving the way for their progeny to rule the earth. You're not gay, and you're not heterosexual. You are a human man or woman with all of the plusses and minuses. Having a dick didn't make you a man but being a good father and husband does. Having a vagina doesn't make you a woman but having a child in your womb, nursing a

Everything Is Here

Everything Is Here: I have always thought, "Everything is here." From the moment of my birth To this afternoons rain, Everything is here, Imagine a screen of pixels Lined up and RGB Containing optical data and Changing it so and so. Some pattern is presented and data Absorbed and then repainted again In similar patterns and then exchanging Like movements telling stories, I have often thought, "Everything is here." Over there is a pot of gold and  Here is Satoshi's briefcase with an Address and the combination is me, Everything is here for you and me And the compression and the Encryption are all the same anyway As small numbers follow to the great, Look at the words we use for God, Allah, JHVH with algorithm and allegory Deva, Theo and light and just to shake things Up, Lucifer. Everything is here as God is more than Willing to allow you to beat the money Changers and send them screaming from The temple that they call the bank, Central planning without knowing t

Fractional Reserve Banking

Me: I have one apple. MMT: Look at this. ME: That's a mirror. MMT: Now you and I both have apples.  KEYNESIAN: I have an apple, too. TREASURY: Do you have a license for that apple? MMT: Yes. KEYNESIAN: Yes. Me: I earned it. It's real. TREASURY: We need to confiscate your apple. image source:

Get Off Zero

If the Federal Reserve created a square mile in 1933 today that square mile would be the size of a square foot and it would be labeled a square mile. People would brag about how they bought a farm in the 1970s that was 15 square mile and now it is 1500 square miles. Sometimes people spend so much time crunching numbers that they forget that there has to be actual measurable quantities and measurable rules that remain consistent. The $fiat currency developed by the fourth central bank of the United States ( yep, three died before this next one) is a fractional reserve mess. It's all debt and it's all for the purpose of confiscating labor (slavery) and property.  #Bitcoin like gold allows us to see a measurable item that increases in value and buying power while the printing press and digital carnival coupons of the Federal Reserve while useful based on the past of deposit certificates have become bearer instruments of 🤡🌎 regime.  Next stop, Fed Coin, CBDCs and Unic

Cattle Roundup of Central Planning

(image source: The Meme Bay ) The funny thing is that you're not looking for it until you are really looking for it.  Once you train your mind to see the whole planet as a free market then you are free of bonds of central planning.  Hitler's Joy Division took teenage children from poor and loyal "Ayrian" families ( break up the family unit and make the state the family) and put them in camps to encourage them to make more visually (fetish) babies for the German Nazi state.  Now we have under the disguise of Maoism /Marxism a similar Joy Division where sex with anyone is good as long as babies are killed, humans are sterilized or babies are made for the state welfare plantation. 

USD Pyramid Scam

It's tax season and taxes are the best way for governments running on the $USD PONZI. Literally it is a pyramid scheme. Just flip over a dollar and on the sinister side is a pyramid with the all seeing eye of surveillance. In the middle is "In God We Trust" as if to keep the balance between the ponzi and the Eagle with Sticks ( fascism) which is GOVERNMENT.