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The Heat of Greed

22. May. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio There is heat in the fireplace and there is fire Under the hood of the very fast automobile, Incendiary fires that propel the just, the godless And the awaiting into fecal or fecund horizons Becoming food, fear and then incapable Of compassion while the bacon fries and Slaughter continues that, not to mention, The poor, senseless aggregates that have Bound their karma to the systematic Killing of other beings whose sweet eyes Are snuffed out not for hunger but for Greed; What we all do for greed is indeed what We Don’t need but to heed the seed Of a good Deed; Here lies the beckoned and the banquet Host caries such a large anchor behind Her head or His head We all know he is already or she is already dead; Then she shelves her guests or he does so too, It’s a terrible cycle that goes on and on All for greed, The heat of greed that causes endless violent suffering; But! It’s not a punishment! As soon as He wa

We've Cancelled All Ads

14. May 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio We've Cancelled All Ads -- The Real Editor in Chief! Today I have shut off the Google ads and I will crawl through and remove any Amazon ads that I have put in this magazine. Authors who have included links to their products are exempt from this and thus may attach their own works because that is an intimate distribution. I have learned that the best things in life are given. These gifts are from the labor of others and they are to be given without attachment. Our magazine is something I am very proud of and I will continue to write for it and encourage others to do the same. We don't need ads.  It was my idea that we could support the magazine with ads. We could pay those who wrote for it. We could advance our careers with our virtual pens. This is just not the reality. The reality is that I will pay for it anyway. I will share it with whoever wants to see it. It's a labor of love. I hope those of you who have