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Wash Land Restroom Blues

24. April 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Wash Land Restroom Blues Sometimes I go to the laundromat to wash my work clothes because my wife has nice clothes at home that do not need to be molested by my soiled, toil rags. Washing Machines Sometimes I use the restroom there several times within a 45 minute period because I have a large beer stein that I fill with coffee and my bladder is not the same size. Wash Land with Stein Sometimes I am thinking that people will notice that I am going to the restroom too often because I think I am very important and people need to watch my every move. Wash Land Restroom Sometimes I overcome the little anxiety of frequent urination because peeing in my pants will reveal an even more pressing issue of my psychosis. Wash Land Building Sometimes after extreme mental exercise I come up with an idea to write about that makes absolutely no sense but with pictures, insight and experience may lead to liberation.

My Father Ellis

7. April 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio My Father Ellis -- Alex Nuttall and Father My grandfather’s name was George Ellis Nuttall.  He was a concrete contractor and builder. He was a fisherman, crabber and seafood vendor. He was a hunter. He was a crane operator. He was a World War II veteran. He was also a redleg. George Ellis Nuttall and Alexander Nuttall -- Photo By Donald Nuttall 1984 Sometime during World War II my grandfather went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to become an artillery man. There is where he became a redleg. A redleg is a fellow who served in artillery. This was more than 50 years before I found myself there in Lawton, Oklahoma at Fort Sill in 1995. My father’s middle name is Ellis too.  My father is a builder. He’s a fisherman. He was a soldier in Vietnam. He served in the Signal Corps as a mess sergeant. He cooked for thousands of soldiers. He went to Fort Benning, Georgia. Donald Nuttall and Alexander Nuttall, 1977, Florida In 1995 I