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Sunrise or Sunset it's Sunny Anyway

21 Aug. 2018 By  Alex Nuttall - Bio One of the best features of social media is the block. I've blocked all mention of the United States executive branch. I've unfollowed certain hate proponent views of people I love and I've dropped the friends of those who I care about but have no real relationship with. It's the same story. Over and over. On one side it's hate laden speech and another facet is depressing self defeated drivel. I'm not better than any of this but I can't allow myself to be pulled into this mud. You'll never find peace outside of yourself. Never. We can look for friends who feel the same and wish to encourage the same. All of us know about the bad news. Protecting our happiness promotes peace, loving kindness and a better world. To be born human, no matter what circumstances, is the greatest gift. Your parents are to be thanked. Your essence chose those parents, circumstances, community and life. What you and