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Every Day Homicide On the Edge of Grass and Pavement

Butterfly on the Edge of Grass and Pavement Every day in my hometown area there are homicides. There are shootings. Multiple homicides reported from different cities in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater area.  We don't want to spend money on inexpensive housing, education or work development so we spend money on homicide.  We don't want to spend money on financial education, sex education, artistic education so we spend money on homicide investigation, cleanup and prisons . I used to have some guns. I don't have any now. I always carry a knife for close quarters defence. I'd rather get up close and personal. Furthermore I'd rather not kill anyone so I will just do some very painful things until my aggressor changes his mind. To take a human life is the worst thing a human can do. Maiming an aggressor... that's the aggressor's choice. Most humans do not realize how unique our existence is. Instead of understanding this th

Time Travel

Time Travel One day I hopped on a bicycle at work. When I checked how much at the time, how many kilometers a day I traveled, the answer was about 7. That's a lot of time that I spent walking and not doing other things.  The bicycle was like a time machine. In ten minutes I could travel 4 times the distance! It was an amazing experience.  Time travel is just that. How far can you go in a period of time. Not necessarily going from time to time. The concept of going from time to time is unimportant. The time you spend is the only factor that matters in your life. At a certain point your body will no longer support your journey. Time will be over. It doesn't matter that there have been eons or kalpas before, during or after any of your activities. Those times are speculative perceptions of someone else or maybe a conclusion you have made. Those times are not your experience. They are inconclusive. They are neither provable nor are they dismissive fol

I'm Such A Snob and I Know It

I'm Such a Snob and I Know It I know I'm a snob. It's part of my makeup. It's many years of conditioning. I know the truth of my snobbery. I don't like half-assed efforts and I am wont to loath pretension. Take this watermelon. I love watermelon. My wife loves watermelon. We love watermelon. It's an outstanding and nutritious food. Unfortunately some people fear this because it's associated with race. They fear progress, nutrition, health, compassion and the power within because they would rather be mindless victimised dolts.  I don't care about perception of the loud few because I care about the Universal truth of the many. It's a lot of paradox but let's deploy anyway. I like meeting intelligent and happy people. I'm not interested in any qualities beyond that. You might be symmetrical, attractive, rich, healthy and all of that in cleverness but if you aren't happy you are not intelligent. Really! 

The Difference Between Good Employees and Bad Ones

The Difference Between Good Employees and Bad Ones It might be obvious but it's not. You will spend a lot of money on bad employees. You'll spend a whole lot. I dare say you will spend triple on them what you do on your good employees. When I bring this up the response is usually, "We get rid of them." But the truth is that you don't get rid of them that's why they are still employees.  As an employer you look at them as numbers and meat and they look at you as fodder and milk. The difference between a bad employee and a good one is that both employees get paid the same paycheck with the exception that the bad employee enjoys the privilege of doing what he or she wants and the bare minimum of what you need to keep the business going.  Again we are not talking about the person you fired.  We're talking about the person who you pay to do a job that you can't do and you hate and you wish didn't have to

Dimka, The Morning Meditation Preceptor

Dimka Resting During Meditation  Don't give me the anthropomorphic fallacy!  When I meditate she is always at my side. Dimka also is kind enough to start my day by eating my paperwork when I don't want to get out of bed. I wake to the sounds of paper tearing. She only does this after I refuse her kind advances of meowing, purring and licking. This regularly happens about 3:30 in the morning. When you make promises to your self the universe obliges with perfunctory care.