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Bitcoin Outlaws -- International Virginia and Mexico EP000004

21. Mar. 2021 By Alex Nuttall -  Bio Bitcoin Outlaws -- international Virginia and Mexico EP000004 Bitcoin Outlaws Live Chats The Bitcoin Outlaws features discussion about things that mention and do not necessarily mention Bitcoin directly. Episode 000004 -- "International Virginia and Mexico" Date: Sunday 20210418-1500 UTC Notes From Discussion: Speakers: Chris Guida |  @cguida6 |  Developer for Start9Labs Alex Nuttall | @ogfomk |  Knucklehead Topics: Startt9Labs, Developing, Embassy, Lightening Network, Bitcoin Core, Raspberry PI, English, Spanish, Italian, Mexico, Virginia, Crypto Revolution, Sanskrit, Pali (language), Rat Race, Remote Work where your pay goes further, Stacking Sats, Dependable Income, Stress, Living on Bitcoin, Live Healthy, Military, Anarchism, Buddhism, Hiking, Carpentry, National Guard, Army, Frank Guida, The Norfolk Sound, Music, Motown, WFOS, Bitcoin is a Country, Bitcoin Passports,