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How to Beat Everyone!

31. Jan 2019 By Alex Nuttall - Bio To Happiness We Go! You want to win because that's the kind of crap you're fed daily. You eat it up. Yum. But don't be alarmed because you have to eat anyway. Be selective. How to Beat Everyone! -- Body Builder -- Portsmouth VA We not only have to eat but we are constantly eating for every breath we take. We eat for every sound we hear. We eat for every sensation we feel. We eat every smell. We eat every thought we have. We eat all perceptions. Constantly, we are eating. So to beat the rest in the fete of fecund fun we must select what it is that we are eating. We select all the actions we take so that we feed on the items that are healthy, skillful and positive to our well being. This craving and eating includes our on-purpose actions (volitions). These are the actions that we skillfully hone in order to find... Oh, what are we trying to do? Happiness is the goal. Eating never solves this. It can di

Existential Rub

Existence and Non-existence are both illusions due to the dependency on each other. More like the conditions of existing and then the conditions of non-existing.  How important are these temporary (time limited 1 second or 100 billion years) conditions placed on human beings as fodder for political struggle. Going to the temple one day and then murdering your fellow man the next. Silly games. Silly games. Pray/murder. Pray/murder. Freedom/imprisonment. This land is my land not yours. Feeding the people with miracles and then casting them out like trash.  Looking in the mirror to see the real problem. Looking in the heart. And that's the rub, more guilt transferred and gilded into righteousness. And that's the rub. Letting the mind race after this and that. Start laughing now. Make kindness to you just as important as kindness to others.  With the ability to be kind, this skill mastered upon acceptance!