New York Life: Streets

9. June 2018
By Mykel Board - Bio

Joey Ramone gets a place. Guy R. Brewer gets a whole boulevard. (Who the hell is Guy R. Brewer?) And Winnie and Nelson Mandela... between the two of them?

Something wrong there, don't you think?

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Indefinite Length, Part 8

7. Jun. 2018

A certain percentage of any population will always value privacy over convenience, even when not engaged in questionable pursuits. These citizens may be viewed with suspicion by those who haven't, as yet, any reason to hide the goings-on of their own lives from the wide electric eye of the world.

Charlee is having a difficult time locating the persons on the list. The search for Bobby Stillwell proves fruitful first.

Mr. Stillwell had lived in a one-story, three bedroom home with beige shingle siding and black shutters, identical to 14% of the other homes in Charlee's old neighborhood. What made it unique, and an object of much discussion amongst the resident children, were the two tall juniper trees on either side of his front door. The top third of each tree was dead and brown, so that from a distance they looked like two giant, half-peeled ears of corn.

They quite obstructed the view of the door. The rumor was that Mr. Stillwell was always there, watching the neighborhood kids from inside, and if he saw you were alone he would come out to talk to you, so everyone tried to find other places to play.

He was thin, with a thick head of dark brown hair, a nose and mouth that seemed too big for his face, and he smelt of socks and sugar cookies. There was no Mrs. Stillwell, and no relatives or pets or anyone else ever at his house. Charlee had seen inside, once.

You remember you'd been collecting gumballs, those spiky seed-pods that fell from the trees and made very good ammunition, with your neighbor Samuel, who was much younger than you, but there hadn't been anyone else around to play with. You'd lost sight of him and he didn't answer when you called his name, so you got on your bike and started looking. Turning a corner, your heart fell into your stomach when you saw Samuel's big wheel parked on the lawn of Mr. Stillwell's house. The gumballs he'd been collecting were in a pile on the front walk. Moving slowly, quietly, you approached the front door, expecting someone or something to jump out at you from behind the massive junipers. The heavy wooden door beyond the screened storm door was open, and you could hear giggling inside. Moving up to the screen, you put your hands around your face to peer inside.

There, on a red velvet couch marred with cigarette burns, sat Mr. Stillwell, and Samuel was across his knees, getting a playful spanking. The two were laughing, and Mr. Stillwell began to alternate between spanking and tickling, or spanking and...grabbing.

You gasped, and they looked up at you. Mr. Stillwell smiled and invited you in to join the game. Samuel was still giggling.

You got on your bike and rode as fast as you could to Samuel's house to tell his mom what you'd seen.

Mr. Stillwell moved out of the neighborhood soon after, but here he is now, on your computer screen. In his profile picture he is much, much older, with generations of grandkids standing around his wheelchair. There's a birthday cake on a table in front of him, with lit candles in the shape of the numbers "8" and "0" casting a sharp lens flare across the bottom third of the shot.

Name: Robert Stillwell. About: Retired. Lives in: ...the next town over.

You arrange to take a day off.

IN WHICH: Moving slowly, quietly, you approached the front door, expecting someone or something to jump out at you from behind the massive junipers.

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Universe Building

29th. May. 2018

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

The Setting

Greetings OgFOMK Readers,

In my series universe, the three clans of immortals living on earth are sacrificial lambs for the greater good. I try to stay in only one character's mind, but in this case, a chapter from Triad's perspective seemed important. I thought I'd share this little snippet from my work in progress. 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

A Snippet From Triad's Perspective

It wasn’t long before he began having perilous visions about the repercussions of her recently discovered paternity. Her status as part Guardian was going to come with some rather treacherous complications. She wasn’t doing well adapting to the demanding feeding schedule of a Conduit. Kayn didn’t appear to understand the ability at all, but she always seemed to be able to tap into Frost’s ability. This made sense because Chloe was a part of her and her twin had that same gift. Kayn had also figured out how to summon up orbs of energy to use as a weapon but she had no control over which kind she generated. The shit had hit the fan when she accidentally sent a bunch of demons back through the hall of souls. Mortality was not a reward bestowed upon evil things. There was no greater gift. Mortals were granted the divine privilege of living in blissful ignorance. Sometimes, Kevin wished he was back in his old life completely oblivious to the trials of the afterlife. It was just the two of them against the world. Everything had changed. All he could do is try to keep her one step ahead of the beings that wished to harm her.

     They ended up at the other continent’s pre Summit banquet together and after he’d gone out of his way to warn her, she tossed him over a balcony. A few days later, here he was again having psychic visions of her. She’d been caught by a rather devious sect of Abaddon and as he’d foreseen, they were aware that she could send demons back through the hall of souls. They had to silence the gossip. Every demonic entity would be coming after the promise of salvation. He had another vision and this time, they were trying to force her to put her ability into a weapon. Kevin was about to try to contact her clan when Seth appeared in all of his devious glory. Triad’s Guardian explained the situation, the rest of clan Ankh were too far away to intervene. The Dragons and their Handlers were being held by Abaddon in a farm less then thirty minutes away. They must have been weakened in some way. Taking Lexy was nearly impossible. Triad was the closest so they were being sent in. He wanted to believe Kayn would take herself out before she’d give Abaddon what they wanted but she’d been recklessly unhinged since the Testing. Kevin summoned up every last ounce of their connection to warn her of Abaddon’s true motives. They couldn’t force a dead person to do squat. Kayn had to take herself out. That was the intelligent move. His grandfather was pacing back and forth cursing up a storm. Kevin had been fairly certain that Tiberius had no serious intentions with Lexy but the panic in his eyes, led him to believe he was missing a part of the story. It struck him as peculiar that Tiberius would be this concerned about a girl who was practically indestructible. It didn’t take them long to get to where they’d been told the Ankh were being held. One of their Triad had an ability to find immortal beings at close range using a heat sensing aura filter. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for everyone else to figure out that they’d split up the Dragons and Handlers because there were two accumulations of heat signatures on the property. They were using Zach to control Kayn and Grey to control Lexy. It was the obvious move. At one point in his life he could have guessed every move Kayn would make but not anymore. 

      In his visions Kayn was with Grey and they were trying to force her to put her light into a sword so they could use it to pass through the hall of souls. They peeled away and sped to the closest group of heat signatures. Triad got out and raced to the barn. Instinct told him Kayn wasn’t in there. She was in the barn on the outskirts of the property. Intuition urged him to use their psychic connection to get through to her. Kevin remained in the car with the engine running as he slipped into his mind. She needed to be taken out of the equation. He thought of who Kayn was and what she was destined to become. Visions of her travelled through his mind, the freckles on her skin, the way sunlight shone through her hair brought him to her. She couldn’t see him but he could see her. As Kayn stepped closer to the blade, he fought to get through to her, “No! Don’t do it! We have the others. Take yourself out!" Kayn paused, appearing to be confused. She’d heard him. She took another step, without her eyes leaving the blade on the table. Why should she trust me? She was going to need more. He spoke to her subconscious again, “Do you remember when we were thirteen and we were caught sneaking your dad’s homemade beer out of your carport? I told him it was all me. I told him it was my idea and you didn’t even know I had it. I told you I would always have your back. Please! believe in me now!” 

     Kayn stopped, looked at her captors and said, “I’ll do it, but Grey goes first.”

     Kevin snapped back to the here and now as screams of agony rang out from the barn. Lexy’s up.

     The rest of the Triad sprinted out and got into the vehicle. Tiberius jumped into the front seat yelling, “Go! Go! She’s got this!”

     Kevin stomped on the gas and floored it to the other group. They didn’t need directions. They could see it smoking. They pulled up as a man staggered out of the barn fully engulfed in flames. She’d taken the whole place out. Kevin raced into the inferno. Shots rang out. His eyes met with charbroiled Kayn’s as she went down. Someone walked past lugging a corpse. That must have been Grey. He stood in the backdrop of the raging flames in awe of her sacrifice. She’d listened to him even though she had no reason to. Perhaps, the future he’d envisioned wasn’t a fantasy? He knelt before Kayn, picked her up and walked out with her blistered unrecognizable corpse in his arms. 

     Tiberius commented, “Holy hell. She sure toasted herself. We’ve got to get out of here. I’ve called the Aries Group. They’re on their way. This may seem insensitive, but we don’t have enough room in the car, we’re going to have to put the bodies in the trunk.”

     Kevin placed Kayn’s body on a blanket and someone else tossed Grey’s into the trunk on top of her. Kevin scowled at his fellow Triad as he moved Grey, so he was lying beside her. He tucked them in with another blanket and closed the trunk.

     Stephanie nudged Tiberius and teased, “Are we just delivering the bodies to the others or do we have to give that red-headed psycho a ride?”

     “Jealous?” Tiberius baited.

     “Not in the least,” Stephanie bickered as she stared out of the window while drinking from her water bottle. 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 


Kim Cormack gives us a sneak peak into Triad's perspective. This is her universe building from the Children of Ankh Series and her latest work in progress. You can find links to her work from her website: http://kimcormack.com Her books are available at Smashwords and Amazon

© Author Kim Cormack  / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Children of Ankh Series - Book 4 of Kayn's series - "Handlers of Dragons" Book 3 of Lexy's series - "Deplorable Me" Coming Summer 2018

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Mykel Board

25. May. 2017
By Mykel Board - Bio

I'm publishing this here by special request... :


Another reminder that, despite the politics, life (and race) is NOT just black or white.

I was in the extremely crowded first car of a subway yesterday. The train pulled into the station late. The driver was a woman (black) and I could see she looked upset when the train arrived.

The train was delayed while there were calls for the transit police to come to the front... an emergency. The doors stayed open while the train became more and more packed. Finally, when no one else could fit in the car, two transit cops arrived (black, white) and forced themselves into the car, next to the driver's compartment.

The driver's door opened and a little boy, maybe 6 years old, (black) walked out wearing a school-like backpack. He had tear-stained cheeks. He looked around the crowded car, ready to cry some more.

One of the transit cops (black) pushes his way to the little boy and makes a path so the kid can get toward the door and the other transit cop. The kid looks up at the two cops, unsure, it seemed, if he should be scared or relieved.

One of the cops (white) softly puts his hand on the kid's shoulder. "Don't worry son," he says, "we'll get you home."

The kid smiled.

It's just a reminder that people are human. Not just good or bad... things are not just black or white. Everyone is mixed. We have good days and bad days. We do good things and bad things. That includes cops, Jewish lawyers, radical rightists, radical leftists, and everyday human beings. We need to stop seeing the world and the people in the world as GOOD or BAD. We need to stop seeing everything in black and white.

So much for this morning's rant.


Mykel Board - New York Life: Not just Black and White
Mykel Board - New York Life: Not just Black and White

Mykel Board is a friend of ours. He sometimes posts on facebook stuff that should be shared with the world. We asked him to post this about his experience watching people be good. We already know that he will point out the opposite. We love Mykel. We've been reading him since 1986 as a Maximum Rock-N-Roll contributor.

© Mykel Board / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - THE New York Life  - - "Not Black and White"

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The Heat of Greed

22. May. 2018

There is heat in the fireplace and there is fire
Under the hood of the very fast automobile,
Incendiary fires that propel the just, the godless
And the awaiting into fecal or fecund horizons

Becoming food, fear and then incapable
Of compassion while the bacon fries and
Slaughter continues that, not to mention,
The poor, senseless aggregates that have

Bound their karma to the systematic
Killing of other beings whose sweet eyes
Are snuffed out not for hunger but for

What we all do for greed is indeed what
We Don’t need but to heed the seed
Of a good

Here lies the beckoned and the banquet
Host caries such a large anchor behind
Her head or His head
We all know he is already or she is already dead;

Then she shelves her guests or he does so too,
It’s a terrible cycle that goes on and on
All for greed,
The heat of greed that causes endless violent suffering;

It’s not a punishment!
As soon as He wakes and she wakes
The thread of suffering us cut and there then is joy;

No longer does the fire demand fodder
The fire then demands nothing
And it is fire and he and she do not fear
It will be extinguished nor do they dread its return;

They are both units of awareness and those units
Are just like the fire
Here and gone, here and gone, here and gone
No need to kill for greed. No need, indeed.

 Alex Nuttall, title: The Heat of Greed, Original Date: 20180521
 Alex Nuttall, title: The Heat of Greed, Original Date: 20180521

The feast and fire of greed by Alex Nuttall in the poem: "Heat of Greed".

 Alex Nuttall, title: The Heat of Greed, Original Date: 20180521 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20180522.

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Indefinite Length, Part 7

17. May 2018

Charlee sits with an old legal pad and a pen emblazoned with the logo from Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grille(TM), making a list of names, ordering them and re-ordering them. Bugs and frogs and passing cars outside the apartment, foley artists of the night, provide a soundtrack that Charlee does not hear. The task at hand is all-consuming.

Ex-lovers, ex-friends, family, co-workers; all the usual suspects. Everyone's been burned by them, that's not special. This transfer has to be special. Charlee crosses out the list and tries again. Politicians, celebrities, pie-in-the-sky names. No good, can't get close to those folks.

Another cigarette. Charlee looks at the sigil tattoo, and then copies it onto the legal pad, over and over. Soon the paper is covered with more doodles than names. When there is no more room, Charlee flips to a new sheet.

The clean surface of the blank yellow paper shines up into your face and you blink and drop the pen.

Now, you hear the traffic. You hear the frogs calling to each other. You hear the moths dive-bombing the flood light mounted just outside your window, in their frustrated and mistaken attempt to find food, or a mate, or a way out of what they perceive as a dangerous darkness. The sounds pound at your head, you put your hands up to your ears, how can fucking moths be so loud? A hundred drums in your thoughts, the marching rhythm line that syncs the steps of a hundred soldiers, each of the names you'd written before are driven out, in lockstep, off to fight another day. This is not their battle; this is much, much bigger than them.

That DUI, you think. (The sounds pause, a beat of silence.) The stupid bitch who rear-ended my dad. That was thirty years ago. Where is she now?

What about that kiddie-toucher from our old neighborhood? Is he still alive? (Silence, moth wings, silence again.)

Or that hood rat bastard who lynched our 5-month-old puppy the day after Christmas?

You write down three names on the blank sheet. Then sleep comes. You do not dream.

Indefinite Length, Part 7 -- Photo By Kim Breeding-Mercer
Indefinite Length, Part 7 -- Photo By Kim Breeding-Mercer

IN WHICH: Charlee sits with an old legal pad and a pen emblazoned with the logo from Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grille(TM), making a list of names, ordering them and re-ordering them.

© KIM BREEDING-MERCER / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - "Indefinite Length, Part 7"

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We've Cancelled All Ads

14. May 2018

  We've Cancelled All Ads -- The Real Editor in Chief!
We've Cancelled All Ads -- The Real Editor in Chief!
Today I have shut off the Google ads and I will crawl through and remove any Amazon ads that I have put in this magazine. Authors who have included links to their products are exempt from this and thus may attach their own works because that is an intimate distribution.

I have learned that the best things in life are given. These gifts are from the labor of others and they are to be given without attachment. Our magazine is something I am very proud of and I will continue to write for it and encourage others to do the same. We don't need ads. 

It was my idea that we could support the magazine with ads. We could pay those who wrote for it. We could advance our careers with our virtual pens. This is just not the reality. The reality is that I will pay for it anyway. I will share it with whoever wants to see it. It's a labor of love.

I hope those of you who have contributed will continue to do so. If you are no longer interested please let me know. I will hold no hard feelings. I will always be grateful for your contributions.

Recently I have stumbled onto some literature that has a requirement that it should be free and shared. I also have found audio, video and the like. I have found in addition to this free software, open source software and this in kind. No strings attached. This is because none of us own this Universe. Or we all own this Universe. This is a law, not a lofty idea. 

As human beings we are in the position of ultimate freedom because our minds are just relationships between observations. This is why meditation is so important. This is also why we do not need advertising to sway the minds of others who have thoughtfully investigated our works.

As of this date we have had 33,557 page views. Since my initial recruitment of many of you that is 29,000 more! You may all like me have difficulties but you also have contributed to this house. This house is yours too!

Thank you for your time and eyes.

We've Cancelled All Ads -- Alex Nuttall
We've Cancelled All Ads -- Alex Nuttall

After struggling with the idea of a business for many years OgFOMK ArTS publisher and editor, Alex Nuttall has decided to remove all ads from the rolling distribution in order to focus on freely distributing good writing, art and ideas to those who would appreciate them and enjoy them. Our works are still copyrighted and  the authors, composers and artists reserve the right to do with their own works as they wish. 

© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Journal - Operations - "We've Cancelled All Ads"

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