Mind Control Liars

There are no such thing as groups. The Hebrew word for opposition and the Arabic word, Satan / Shaitan signify opposition.

There are individuals who lie, create false flag operations, destroy property, harm others and engage in the Military Industrial Complex looking for opportunities to sell their means of control, enslavement, fear manufacturing and pharmaceutical experiments. 

There is also an element of human trafficking.

All of this polarity is designed to get you as an individual to take sides and start getting emotionally and eventually physically involved. You begin to increase and create more violence. You condone the bad behavior of others. You justify description. You choose a fake group.

Meanwhile the controllers, the ones who benefit from chaos, will provide "solutions" predetermined that solve and salve the "problems". These security and government powers have already been here and yet the demand is for more government to protect the individual. This is impossible. Your security can never be guaranteed. The greatest amount of violence has always been done by those who wear police and military uniforms. 

Don't be a sucker. Don't listen to the Deceiver!

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