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Kinesthetic Opiod

Mind control is the voluntary automatic behavior of humans based on mental formations that have been used as models for reality. These mental formations are passed down from parents to children. It's a cult. It's the largest cult in the world.  The Fiat monetary system is a great example. Look at the armored car, the paramilitary guards and the scarcity that the paper implies. The scarcity of bearer instruments that lead to FREEDOM. The paper money $USD is a basis point of fractional reserve banking. It actually takes work to produce. This bearer instrument is the real power of Fiat currency and the controllers want to eliminate it because it provides FREEDOM. Conversely their mind control medium is only as valuable as the kinesthetic opioid.  #Bitcoin is difficult (Defi-cult) for the sleeping masses to understand. The awakening is constantly appropriated for the Novus Ordo Seclorum. The exoteric is is relationship to the Fiat construct which legitimizes the very construct it p