SHitcoins and Green Language


I have used this term many times and now I think it is wrong.  Jack Mallers recently said GOLD is a shitcoin and Lawrence Leopard responded. Par for the course in the #Bitcoin world.
I've said this as well and as many bitcoiners have but.... 

We use a gold coin for the logo of Bitcoin. We use the term "coin" and coins that are valuable are made of valuable metal and if they are not accompanied by an easy to print fiat currency they actually retain value.

My point is also in the "green language" of SHIT which is also fertilizer. Another point is in the term "CHIT" which is Sanskrit for awareness. We are not immune to ancient languages. Satoshi chose a Japanese version of the term Sat (Which is Sanskrit and Pali for "truth") . We also use the terms dungarees (pants), karma, dharma, and many other Latin / Greek / Hebrew / Persian / Etc in today's world.

It's very important that our language is precise and not full of hyperbole. Again, I am guilty of this myself and I need to change my language to a precise truth vehicle.

Whatever we sing and say the Universe hears (Uni (ONE) Verse (Song). The Alchemy (Al (FROM) Chem (Ancient Egypt)) is there and it has been built as natural law. The transmuting of based metal to gold is the marriage of the left and right cortex of the brain. Exalting a precious metal as dung is just the scarab collecting the world.


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