Israeli Government Was Formed 75 Years Ago

Israeli government was formed 75 years ago.

There are Americans who think that the government has been there for thousands of years. Those Americans are incapable of reading because that would involve critical thinking. 

There are Dark Occultists who know this and they are more than happy to exploit this because conflict, dismay and reptilian brains are good for totalitarian slavery. This is why they goad all the people to worship violence. Violence is for human sacrifice. It's for blood letting. 

Make no mistake the opposition is part of this as well. All flags are mindless rags and the people in the streets are undesirable fodder for the Global Elite. What better way to destroy the Astrotheology dessert cults? Put them in one area and feed them propaganda about righteousness. 

No one needs government. Government is wealth extraction. No one has caused more pain and suffering in the world than the ones who wear the uniform of government. And make no mistake those who do evil under the paperwork, uniforms and directions of government are responsible for their actions. Natural Law recognizes karma (work that is intentional). 

The Israeli government is the same government who made is citizens take experimental medication for COVID-19. This government certainly isn't for the people. This government is for a few of the people. 

Imagine appropriating a symbol of unity and putting it on your flag. Imagine taking the symbol of the Sun wheel and doing the same. Archetype images used for mind control. Wake up, manage yourself and let the lazy politicians get a real job. 

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