"Pistol City" - Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright


Saturday, It's a Saturday, Saturday, it's a Saturday!!!!!  This upcoming one, October 21, to be more specific.  You like art, right?  Of course, you do, and if you didn't, would you really admit to it?  Maybe, maybe not.  

Well, you like pictures, don't you?  I've seen all your selfies and food pictures of your various social media platforms, and your food tends to look burnt. Just kidding!!  How about some good music, skating (on a board), seeing the various offering of the city of Portsmouth, VA, frozen in time or even meeting some new people.  

Well this Saturday, from 5pm-8pm, photographers Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright will host “Pistol City” a collection their photography that will be on display at Hard Times Skate Shop.  They will also have print available for sale.  So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, here you go. Come on out, check out some photos, mingle, and purchase nice things.

© Toney Herndon / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - THE WHATEVER SERIES - NUMBER OF SERIES - "Pistol City"

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A Life Time

4 Oct. 2017

When I was a little girl my father told me many stories about his family. My uncles were spread out around the United States and it was not very often we would see each other. Distance and finances was always the culprit, but we managed to see one another on occasion.

My Uncle Donald was a little different than Harold and Albert. Harold and Albert liked to chat and express themselves. My Uncle Donald on the other hand was introverted and to himself. I was able to comprehend things better when I was becoming an adult. My Uncle Donald with many young men of the 42nd Rainbow Division of the United States Army Air Corps liberated Dachau Concentration Camp on April 29th 1945.

My father in my opinion being well rounded and an intellectual was able to explain to me what these things meant and how my Uncle had changed from his experience in Germany. My Uncle was a young man and in a foreign country about to liberate a camp that was understood to be a prison camp. I suppose you can hear so many stories but, until you see with your own eyes, some things can not be relayed by words.

In Honor of 42ND Rainbow Division
From what I understand that the camp was raided from many sides and my Uncle’s group came through the front. I can only imagine what went through his mind? Would I make it? Would I be shot or maimed? Did he even think for a minute about being psychologically disfigured for the rest of his life?

My Uncle did not provide stories of his endeavor. Fifteen years later he ended up with shock treatments, therapy and medication to help him cope with what ever he saw there. Never once did he complain, he was proud of helping those people.

In 2005 I had the opportunity to visit Germany. My mother’s family has resided there since the 1960’s. My brother in law was stationed at Ramstein and it was a wonderful to know that we could travel there and visit family regularly. We had so many wonderful visits between my sister, aunt and uncles that lived a few hours from Kaiserslautern.

I was presented with a wonderful opportunity at the end of one of my visits. The USO was offering a trip to Munich and Dachau. I knew this was my chance to honor my uncle and those that perished at this concentration camp.

It was a day trip and we had to get up early. It was a rainy morning and we were all piled into a small European tour bus. We passed field after field of bright green cabbage. We finally arrived in Munich; upon entering the center of the city could we see the splendor of the Swiss Alps. We shopped and visited very old churches and cuckoo clock shops. We ate at the famous Hofbrauhaus.

Our tour was then directed to Dachau. We were reminded on the bus that our kind bus driver and attendant were Germans and that they had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at Dachau. Perhaps after what we were about to see might trigger some kind of anger. I know in my heart I could never do something like that, but I did not know what exactly I was in store for? Could this bring out the worst?

Arbeit Macht Frei ("Work Sets You Free")

As we walked into Dachau from the front gates there was a sign that read, Arbeit Macht Frei ("Work Sets You Free"). Truthfully after reading that quote made my stomach churn. I could see the train tracks where that cattle cars of people on their way to extermination would arrive. Little did people know that, not until the end, Dachau became an extermination camp?

In the beginning Dachau was set up as a training camp that would train the SS and other soldiers. Then it became a variant of training and housing of political prisoners. These were people who were against the ideas of the regime and were held there during their sentence. They could write their families and receive visits. Not until Hitler started his campaign of ridding Germany of those that were not considered part of the “pure” race that Dachau began to imprison Jews along with political prisoners.

When you think of these camps you imagine a huge vast area of space. Walking into this arena proved not to be any larger than a Superstore. 60,000 people confined in such a small space. People being starved to death and being mal treated.

We walked the terrain and there was a strange but powerful energy that was peaceful. I thought to myself, how? Of all the horrible things that occurred there, the hanging post, the ovens and the blood ditch. I saw all these places and the entire camp was covered in peace. As we walked it was so quiet all you could hear were shoes on the concrete. We started from the rear of the camp and moved forward. It was hard to imagine the chaos in such a sterile environment now. 

I felt myself saying a small prayer every where. My heart ached and my mind was in overdrive thinking. I thought to myself, I am standing right here, maybe where my uncle may have run through. This may have been a spot where the Allies were corralling people who were still alive and trying to sustain them. Maybe there were SS officers or troops being assaulted here and shot? There was no way to know, only a possibility.

We completed the tour of the grounds. Most of the barracks were torn down. There was only one barracks still open and that was a gift shop. It is a strange thing to say “gift shop,” in a death camp. There were many books and items to purchase. I bought a book that was thoroughly comprehensive about Dachau and the rise of Hitler.

Never again

Once on the tour bus all of us who were so chatty on our ride there were silent. Were we all quiet because of exhaustion from all the activities of the day? Or was it the absolute shock from what we saw in a place that had become a systematic death chamber? We never spoke until we reached home base and that was to say goodbye to one another.

A Side Note:

On a daily basis I have veterans that come to me for haircuts. Some are in very bad shape, head injuries, PTSD and other disabilities. A lot of them experienced these things over seas. Some talk about it some do not. The ones that do, I listen. and I often see my uncle in their faces. I saw one gentleman yesterday who was no longer walking with a cane and drugged up due to pain. He was walking up right and laughing and brought his son in for a haircut. It was miracle to see him look healthy after so many months of suffering.

There is so much to learn from one another if we only took the time to listen and not allow history to repeat itself. I am thankful for these life experiences and I hope everyday we all can become better people.

Verna Peddi writes about veterans, World War II and the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau. She writes about the horrible conditions of what her uncle, a member of the 42ND Rainbow Division, saw as a young man and what she later saw when she visited Germany.

© Verna Peddi / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved.  - "A Life Time"

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NY Life Series: 1 - Mykel's Homo Holidays

3. Oct. 2017


For the past decade, I've been going to the CBST Yom Kippur services at the Javitz Center. CBST started as a gay synagogue and gradually expanded to include every misfit imaginable. Besides the LGTBQERSTUVWXYZ community, there are Black-White het couples. Arab-Jew het couples. Atheists with tradition... and those who hate the Pay-to-Pray requirements of most synagogues. 3000+ people... all welcome... pay only if you want.

I love CBST for Rabbi Kleinbaum, the little female rabbi who wears pink sneakers (favorite quote: I cannot believe in a God that requires you to believe in God.) ... and gets in trouble because she has such radical ideas as feeling sorry for the Palestinian children who were killed in the Israeli genocide war of the early 21st century.

One of the CBST social actions is to... EVERY Friday... come to the NYU mosque in near Washington Square... and stand with the Muslim worshipers.

CBST Members supporting the mosque

They are not perfect, however. Being Jewish and gayish, there are a lot of rich members. That means that some of their “special events” are not exactly to my tastes.

(I wonder how much she's getting paid)...

The 25-hour fast (No food. No Water/) starts at Sundown on Friday and continues to Sundown on Saturday, where I join Elena at Jody's for the BREAK FAST.

homocore band LIMP WRIST

Then it's on to Brooklyn, where my pal, Martin S has invited me to see his homocore band LIMP WRIST at the Brooklyn Bazaar. From fast to feast, I'd say:

Great show, and the audience is younger, but a similar mix of genders and preferences, to those who were at CBST.

To top off the 2 days of Jew and Punk homotude is the subway ride back to Manhattan. The poster on the wall?

One of those fake BANK OF AMERICA RAINBOW PRIDE posters? Nope.

Just this unintentional tribute to homotude:

If you're interested in more of my writing. You can see my regular blog at: mykelsblog.blogspot.com
and mykelsclippings.blogspot.com/

© Mykel Board / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - THE Mykel's NY Life SERIES - Number 1 - "MY HOMO HOLIDAYS"

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Black Ink series Title: "Media Fool" by: Lon Bennett

September 22, 2017
By Lon Bennett - Bio

Black Ink series Title: "Media Fool" by: Lon Bennett
Black Ink series Title: "Media Fool" by: Lon Bennett

Black Ink series Title: "Media Fool" by: Lon Bennett
"I love taking a clean piece of paper and a brand new ink pen and  drawing without knowing exactly what I'm doing. First lines and shapes appear, sometimes intersecting to reveal hidden images that take form. After a few minutes I get an idea and go with it. I really like how I'm almost forced to commit to the simplicity of the shapes. Things are lopsided, uneven almost childlike. No erasing lines whatsoever."  --Lon 

© LonBennet / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Black Ink Series -- "Media Fool"

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Hard Times -- You Scared?

29 Sep. 2017

Every now and then, most of us get the urge to re-live the days of our past. You know, that care- free feeling of living life without consequences and pushing the limits of so-called sanity. All I had to hear was don't do it, and it was a go. I was most likely going to do it!!! At this point in the game of life, my decisions are a little more processed. But every now and then, I get the urge to do something outrageous, crazy, or just plain stupid, but within reason. It just makes me feel alive, youthful, and somewhat rebellious. Not you though, you're too mature for that. Too worried about what other people think, the strange looks you'll get, even though you can feel the need to let lose, burning deep in your soul. Not me!!

This feeling is often sparked by some type of spontaneous action, something people my age, would classify as childish.

It could be a group of attractive young ladies, or maybe gentlemen in your case. You're checking out the scene and then it happens, you guys lock eyes. That one you've been drooling over, and not to mention, way out of your league. Your so-called friends egging you on, giving you that false sense of confidence. Telling you, that you're the man, making you believe anything's possible!! Now you've finally worked up the nerve and approached the situation with the highest confidence. Things seemed to be going well, you've introduced yourself, made some small talk. Now you're ready, you ask for the number, but your request is muffled over another voice coming from behind, "Hey love, who’s your friend?" As she replies, "Oh we just met, what's your name again? So, you reintroduce yourself to the significant other and resign from your current job as a seat warmer. Yea, not the results you expected, but be proud you pushed yourself. Next time will be better, you've just stepped out of your comfort zone, now act your age. 

Or it could even be the sound of skateboard wheels rolling across the pavement, or even walking into your local skate shop. Either to browse or introduce your little ones to another one of your favorite pastimes you used to partake in, in your younger days. As soon you walk in, you're overwhelmed by this instant feeling of nostalgia. You show your kids some of the magazines, touch the decks, squeeze the wheels, and help them select the parts to assemble their first skateboard. As you travel down memory lane, you mentioned again that you used to skate, but since you're older now, you can't risk getting hurt because of your job. Oh really!! It's that what's really stopping you. Or are you afraid that you'll enjoy it, and that you will find that feeling you've been searching for. Remember you only live once, you could get hurt doing something as simple as walking, and there are 6 million ways to die. So, grab that board, meet new people, take chances, life your life, and do things that make you happy. You shouldn't be afraid to chase your youth, for a lot of us, that was the happy times. Be scared when you can no longer catch it.

You Scared? - Toney Herndon
You Scared? - Toney Herndon

Toney Herndon owns and operates Hard Times Skate Shop located in Craddock, Portsmouth VA. His shop is conveniently located  near the George Washington Park where there is a skate park. Tony's article hits a good point. Get active! Spend your hard earned dollars on something that is good for you and will help you enjoy life! Your spending hundreds of dollars a month on "Entertainment", gym membership and medical bills. Realign yourself and go skateboarding.

© Toney Herndon / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Hard Times -  "You Scared?"

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Square Peg - March for Peace (and BBQ)

28 Sep. 2017

Square Peg - The Unedited Letters

From: Debbie <debbie.wall@********.com>
Sent: September 6, 2017 1:13 PM
To: safety@******.org
Subject: March for Peace

To whom it may concern,

     I saw the poster for the walk by my ATM this morning.  It featured a picture of a dove, a universal symbol of peace.  It also announced there is a BBQ to be held afterwards.  In keeping with the spirit of the event, I hope that you are serving up vegan food.  Our addiction to meat is responsible not only for animal suffering, but human health problems, environmental degradation and produces more green house gases than all forms of transport combined.

     In an interview, Dr. Jane Goodall said, "I saw meat on the plate. I looked down and said this symbolizes fear, pain and death and I don't want that in my body."  Remember, you are what you eat and peace begins in the kitchen.

     We will never achieve true peace as long as we continue to heap horrible violence on other species and the planet on which they are doing their best to survive against incredible odds. Note that I didn't say the planet we "share" with them because nothing could be further from the truth. We run roughshod over them, using our so-called "superior intelligence" to justify it every step of the way. When the moment of truth comes, the revenge that Mother Earth brings to bear will truly be the great equalizer.


Debbie Wall & The Gang of Fur

Debbie Wall & The Gang of Fur
Debbie Wall & The Gang of Fur

Debbie Wall begins her series Square Peg - The Unedited Letters with a friendly letter to the local neighborhood peace get together. Debbie reminds us that peace is not just for humans.

© Debbie Wall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Square Peg - The Unedited Letters- "March for Peace (and BBQ)

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Mixed Media title: "Colorform Field Trip" by: Lon Bennett

September 22, 2017

By Lon Bennett - Bio

Mixed Media title: "Colorform Field Trip" by: Lon Bennett
Mixed Media title: "Colorform Field Trip" by: Lon Bennett

Our favorite thing about Lon Bennett is his ability to redress what we take for granted. Unlike Salvador Dali, Picasso, or Davinci we can call him on the phone and go kayaking or catch a punk show.

In the above drawing, "Colorform Field Trip",  there are familiar elements to everyone. If you are from Virginia you will see those elements too!

© LonBennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. -Mixed Media - "Colorform Fieldtrip"

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Mermaid Tears

26 Sep. 2017

Broken and discarded
Churning violently
Tumbled by the sea
Edges worn when wave meets shore

Soft edges, perfect frosted glimmer
Leads to discovery
Beauty is exposed

Treasure and hunter connect
Their story is the same
Nature softens the edges
Carves out the beauty in life

© Cristy Johnson Bowen / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Poetry - "Mermaid Tears"

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Mixed Media- title: "Primetime Soros" by: Lon Bennett

By Lon Bennett - Bio

Mixed Media- title: "Primetime Soros" by: Lon Bennett
Mixed Media- title: "Primetime Soros" by: Lon Bennett

Primetime Soros

The Collage - Mixed Media artists knows that we are constantly bombarded with images. To buy. To sell. To propagate. Some to instill the fear. Here the artists looks at the truth that African Americans, their descendants and their friends matter. But how? As fodder, as a dumping ground, as a scapegoat or just as entertainment?

Reluctantly Lon wanted to put this out. It's emotional. It's powerful. Lon is no gentrified liberal. He lives on the edge. He knows that people genuinely struggle to overcome fucked-up odds. Why?

© LonBennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - THE Mixed Media - "Primetime Soros"

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Just Around the Bend - Mildenhall, Suffolk, England

23 Sep 17

Just Around the Bend - Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Just Around the Bend - Mildenhall, Suffolk, England --William Hawkes

In Mildenhall, a small town in Suffolk, England, you will find peace and contentment. Just around the bend is a serene park, a small farm, or a bubbling brook. Sometimes you will be met with the sun on an afternoon stroll, or some light showers that end with a rainbow to brighten even the gloomiest of days. Take a seat on a park bench, read a book, and occasionally look up to watch a family of swans swimming downstream, or a mallard drake waddle by. There may be few better places in England to center yourself, let your troubles of the week dissipate, and let nature envelop you.

© WILLIAM HAWKES / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - "Just around the bend"

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Cluttered mind

20 Sept. 2017

High strung thoughts
Twisted inside the mind  
The past is on repeat
A soul that won't unwind                

The days yet to come  
The not yet determined  
Where Terror is from

The here, the now
Where the mind should rest
May be the reality
That delivers the ultimate test

Content quiet minds
Living in the moment
Is sometimes seen
 as the daunting component

Alone and lonely
They are not the same breed
Lonely, is for no one      
Alone,  is in great need

the path is greater traveled
Where there is no time
All are too busy
To heal their heart and mind

The road less traveled
Is one of tranquil feeling
A moment to sit
ALONE......start the healing.

The road less traveled
The road less traveled

Cluttered Mind, Poem

Cristy writes about struggle in this poem but she tactfully sees the end game as well. She knows that what we undergo as writers is part of what makes us end up as winners. Change, rhythm, breath all are parts of the process to healing. Heal we must. Heal we will.

© Cristy Johnson Bowen/ OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved: Cluttered Mind, Poem


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Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

17 Sep. 2017

About War Time

During a recent visit to the Chrysler Museum, an 1874 painting by Englishman, Briton Riviere, captured my canine imagination and left me wanting more. Riviere, a great dog lover himself, devoted much of his life to painting animals.  He said, “you can never a paint a dog unless you are fond of it.”  

Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum
Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

Having studied at the London Royal Academy, Riviere’s brilliant use of texture,  detail, and contrasting colors is apparent. Here he uses them to capture a tragic scene, a father learning of the loss of his son during wartime.  War Time moved, inspired and captivated me such that I captured the painting with my ubiquitous, if not pedestrian, smart phone. 

You see, the Chrysler is so progressive and user friendly, it encourages its patrons to do the very thing we now do at least several times a week, screen shot its collection.  Amazing isn’t it? Me a 21st century dog lover, proud pet parent of two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, with the press of a button, owns a piece of dog loving artistic history.

Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

The Above Placard Reads:

Briton Riviere, English, 1840-1920
War Time 1874, Oil on Canvas
"Briton Riviere achieved fame for his heartfelt depictions of dogs, and it is the devoted dogs in this painting that tell us there is something amiss with their master. Like them, we look at the old sheepherder, wondering why he has abandoned his distant flock and retreated to his farmyard. The newspaper in his hand provides the grim answer. It reports the death of his son in battle."  -- Chrysler Museum Exhibit

"Briton Riviere's poignant portrayal of an old shepherd mourning the loss of his son, the 1874 oil-on-canvas War Time, is now on view in Gallery 274. The painting is in quite good company, as that gallery contains works by Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Edouard Manet and Auguste Rodin. You can see the Reviere work in our gallery below.  " -- Chrysler Museum: Recently Acquired Works Boost Collection

Gertrude Jewell is inspired by her connection with her dogs, Briton Riviere's "War Time" painting and the connections she is allowed to have and experience through Norfolk's Chrysler Museum. A modern progressive museum that allows her to connect in a meaningful way from the present to the past.

© Gertrude Jewell / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. -Museum Inspiration - Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

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Hard Times Skate Shop - Toney Herndon

16. Sep. 2017

We went out to Craddock which is in Portsmouth, Virginia to look for some inexpensive studio / office space. We found some interesting spots but more importantly we found Toney Herndon of Hard Times Skate Shop.

Hard Times Skate Shop - Toney Herndon
Hard Times Skate Shop - Toney Herndon

We were looking in the window of Hard Times Skate Shop enjoying the displays and how the shop was set up. Really, truth be known, Alex was dreaming of having a new skate board and remembering how much fun it was to be a street skater / punk rocker.

Hard Times Skate Shop - Window Display
Hard Times Skate Shop - Window Display

Toney came out of another shop and said to us: "Would you like to go inside?" Alex began stuttering like he didn't know English and managed to say, "yes". So Toney invited us in. Then Alex cleverly said, "Is this your shop?"

Hard Times Skate Shop - T-shirts
Hard Times Skate Shop - T-shirts

Toney was very kind and gave us a little history about his business and let us look around. Hard Times Skate Shop has been in business for 5 years. Unlike some other business owners in Portsmouth, Toney was confident, positive and very helpful. Exactly what makes a great skate shop owner.

Hard Times Skate Shop - Decks, shoes, skate gear
Hard Times Skate Shop - Decks, shoes, skate gear

The t-shirts, skate decks, trucks, wheels, helmets, vans and Thrasher magazines where all there. It was a comfortable shop. A great place to talk skate and get skate. While looking around it hit Alex to ask the question: "Hey would you like to contribute as a blogger to OgFOMK ArTS?" 

Hard Times Skate Shop - Shop window logo
Hard Times Skate Shop - Shop window logo

It was a no brainer. Toney liked art. His business was exactly the type we loved and he had the DIY attitude except he wasn't just talking about it. He was doing it. We needed him on our team and we wanted to join his. 

Hard Times Skate Shop - Trucks, videos, stickers
Hard Times Skate Shop - Trucks, videos, stickers

After speaking with Toney we decided to work together on getting him into the blogging game. Tomorrow we will meet with him at his shop and help him get started. We hope to see you at his shop sometime too! Support your local skate shop!

Local skate shop, Hard Times Skate Shop and entrepreneur Toney Herndon. Hard Times Skate Shop has been in business for 5 years and keeps on rolling. Toney Herndon is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated skate enthusiast who will help you get what you need to skate like a pro. He is also joining the OgFOMK ArTS team as a contributor. 

© Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Hard Times Skate Shop - Toney Herndon - OgFOMK ArTS Business Partners

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A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 10 - "Pretty Lady from the Mountain"

By Lon Bennett - Bio

 A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 10 - "Pretty Lady from the Mountain"
 A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 10 - "Pretty Lady from the Mountain"

Drawing by Lon Bennett, title:  A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 10 - "Pretty Lady from the Mountain". Original Date: 20170831 – © Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 – 2017 – Re/Published

A beautiful mountain. A beautiful lady before or from the mountain. The door is closed. The stairs creep up behind her head. She is beautiful and confidently so. An unusual and rare glimpse into the random shapes the succumb to the lines and colors of red and black.

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Simple Post:

 A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 10 - "Pretty Lady from the Mountain" – 31. Aug. 2017 – #OgFOMK #Art #LonBennett #RedAndBlack #PrettyLady #Drawing #Mountain


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A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 9 - "Flower Pot With Knife"

By Lon Bennett - Bio

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 9 - "Flower Pot With Knife"
A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 9 - "Flower Pot With Knife"

Drawing by Lon Bennett, title: A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 9 - "Flower Pot With Knife". Original Date: 20170831 – © Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 – 2017 – Re/Published .

This lovely vessel will eat your face off if you are not careful. This apparatus has all the senses. There are elements of playfulness as always. Lon Bennett tells a story here. From the Bauhaus to the flower who is shocked you see her and then there is the knife. What is the knife there for?

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Simple Post:

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 9 - "Flower Pot With Knife" – 31. Aug. 2017 – #OgFOMK #Art #LonBennett #RedAndBlack #FlowerPot #Drawing #Ink


© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 - 2017 | 20170914 -ABN – Ed Date: 2017-09-14 16:25


A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 8 - "Happy Valentines"

14 Feb. 2016

By Lon Bennett - Bio

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 8 - "Happy Valentines"
A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 8 - "Happy Valentines"

Drawing by Lon Bennett, title: A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 8 - Happy Valentines. Original Date: 20160214 – © Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS 2016 – 2017 – Re/Published .

Lon Bennett was inspired on and by Valentines Day 2016. The flowers, soft breast, promise of shelter and music provide a stairway into his heart and mind. Everyone is invited including a spider who we can imagine needs this too!

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Simple Post:

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 8 - Happy Valentines – 14. Feb. 2016 – #OgFOMK #Art #LonBennett #RedAndBlack #Valentines #Drawing #RedInk #BlackInk #Love


© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS 2016 - 2017 | 20170914 -ABN – Ed Date: 2017-09-14 15:33


A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 7 - "The Drunken Nose and Some"

By Lon Bennett - Bio

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 7 - "The Drunken Nose and Some"
A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 7 - "The Drunken Nose and Some"

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 7 - "The Drunken Nose and Some"

Lon continues his work with red and black ink. a lot is going on in every one of his drawings. Somehow it is all under control. This is very similar to the maps you see of the emotional and physical control centers of the brain. From the nose to the phallic end there is plenty going on with all of us.

The above drawing appeared first in Issue 10 of OgFOMK ArTS

© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. -A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 7 - "The Drunken Nose and Some"

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Mykel's Photos - Arizona- "Beer Pals"

12 Sept 2000

By Mykel Board - Bio

Saw this sign at a large outdoor garage/art sale in Arizona. I was there with my pal Sid Yiddish. Sad that so many of these values are gone... being replaced by "shared politics" and "facebook likes."

Quick, I need a Drink

Mykel's Photos - Arizona- "Beer Pals"
Mykel's Photos - Arizona- "Beer Pals"

From an Arizona garage art festival

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OgFOMK ArTS, October 2017, Issue #10 (We Think)

9 Sep. 2017

OgFOMK ArTS, October 2017,  Issue #10 (We Think)
OgFOMK ArTS, October 2017,  Issue #10 (We Think)

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For the Norfolk Zine Fest held on September 9, 2017 we rushed to make sure we had a print zine and we printed it out. Unfortunately we spent way to much on printing to get crappy results. We traded about 10 issues and left. The quality of what we presented was sub standard compared to the good work the other folks did. We knew better. We did it anyway.

So as we are a rolling distribution we decided to wipe our tears and experiment at home with the real good printer. After a few tries we got fantastic results. We still have the originals that we passed out.

Now we decided to publish the PDF of the improved version that is interactive.

Those of you who would like a print version we will mail it to you.  You have three choices:

1. Original ZineFest 32-40 numbered Grayscale: $4.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered by Alex Nuttall
1. Original ZineFest 32-40 numbered Grayscale: $4.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered by Alex Nuttall

2. Original ZineFest 13-20 numbered Color cover: $5.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered  by Alex Nuttall

2. Original ZineFest 13-20 numbered Color cover: $5.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered  by Alex Nuttall

3. Perfect Printed Issues #44-200 full color! $7.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered by Alex Nuttall
3. Perfect Printed Issues #44-200 full color! $7.00 Postage Paid. Signed and Numbered by Alex Nuttall


© Alex Nuttall and OgFOMK ArTS Team / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Print and PDF Zine - Issue #10 - October 2017

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Fuzzy Gray Raindrop

She lays beside you
Out if all the places in the house
She chooses to be beside you

You can't deny
The pride you feel and
You want to brag to the whole world
But that's not what this
Is about

It's not about anything,
Not about

Her legs are juxtapose
In front of her nose
And she shapes
A raindrop
If you can imagine
Her furry feline body
As so

It's not so bad
When everything seems
To be in
You can be confident
That your struggle
Is worth it
When you know
You take care
Of the cat

Just a cat

Well, actually two cats
And a wife
And some plants

You may not be doing
The best job
But to her
You're doing just fine
Maybe to them all
You're doing just fine

The suggestion box
The litter box
Maybe they're the same
But at least the shit
Gets out there
And not on the street
And not on the floor
And not on the bed,
Not on the bed

Well maybe once
But it was your

Take it like a man

Move on

Sitting in bed
In composition form
With the gray fuzzy raindrop
Sleeping inches away

You can't even lay
She has taken over

To be honest
You weren't doing anything

Truth be known
You would have
Had she not taken a stand
To remind you
Your value

Who's taking care of who?

Dimka is a wonderful cat. She visited the authors house about a year ago. She's a beautiful Russian Blue cat. She was homeless. The author made a little house in front of his house to keep her out of the rain, comfortable and fed. She was begging to come inside.

The author said to his wife, " I'll watch this cat and if she is still around in five days I will take her to the SPCA to get her checked out."  Five days later the cat, the author and a makeshift cat carrier went to the SPCA in Norfolk. The cat was female. The cat was about 3 years old. She didn't have an idea the out fancy chip.

The author paid for her to get her shots. She had ear mites and fleas. The author get medicine for this and nursed her back to pristine condition.

At times it was difficult to put the drops in her ears, bathe her from fleas and cut her nails. He did it anyway.

Sometimes Dimka chased their other cat, Lena. They still are not quite friends.


© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Poetry "Fuzzy Gray Raindrop"

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The Easiest, Quickest & Most Inexpensive Way to Alkaline

By Jennifer - Bio

Hey, you know that box of baking soda you have lying around your house, or sitting in your fridge? Well, what if I told you that it actually has the ability to seriously improve your health, and/or possibly even save your life?

We are living in a time when most of the food that we buy at the store is toxic, full of chemicals and genetically modified. In addition, most people are under far too much stress and diseases are on the rise as a result. Cancers and various auto immune disorders all require and thrive in an acidic environment. The foods we eat (or don't eat) and stresses are the biggest contributors to our bodies being too acidic and not alkaline.

Many people have tried or wanted to go on an alkaline diet, but just haven't been able to stick with it. Others get so overwhelmed at all that is involved that they just don't even get started. Even the most dedicated and disciplined people have a hard time sticking to an alkaline diet due to work, travel or simply financial limitations. I have some wonderful information for you. Baking soda is about to become your new best friend.

If you just put 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it, you are almost instantly alkalizing your body. Do this once in the morning and once at night. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? It truly is that simple and cheap to do, BUT....and this is a big "but", there are important things to know first:
  1. DO NOT take ANY kind of pills, vitamins, capsules etc within 90 to 120 minutes before or after drinking this mixture (baking soda and water). The reason for this important warning is that ALL vitamins, pills, capsules etc. contain magnesium stearate. The magnesium reacts with the baking soda and it can be very dangerous, so always make sure you allow plenty of time after or before taking any pills, vitamins, capsules when ingesting baking soda.
  2. Please allow this same amount of time before and after eating anything (90 to 120 minutes), when drinking the baking soda water.
  3. If you have high blood pressure, hypertension and/or other health issues, please consult with your doctor before adding the baking soda & water combo into your routine.
  4. If you are currently on any medication/medications, please first consult with your doctor.
For those of you that are able to try this, in accordance with the 4 warnings above, then I would love to hear your feedback after doing this for a while. Over a decade ago (when I first did this), it helped almost immediately with problems that I was having due to an illness of my lymph nodes. At the time, I was flat broke from battling that illness for so long and being unable to work properly. This fit within my budget, and as an added bonus it also ended up clearing up the eczema on my hands. Hopefully this helps you or someone you know in some way. By all means, share the info. 

You may contact me by email: Jennifer@ogfomk.com

Higher Conscious healing LLC

Higher Conscious healing LLC
Higher Conscious healing LLC

Journal by Jennifer of HCH LLC, title: The Easiest, Quickest & Most Inexpensive Way to Alkaline, Original Date: 20170906 – © Jennifer of HCH LLC / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 – published 20170908.

Jennifer of Higher Conscious Healing LLC helps us to understand the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way to alkaline our bodies.

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“The Easiest, Quickest & Most Inexpensive Way to Alkaline“ – 6. Sep. 2017 – #Health #Jennifer #Alkaline #Journal #Wellness #OgFOMK


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A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 6 - "Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie"

By Lon Bennett - Bio

Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 6 - "Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie"
A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 6 - "Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie"

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 6 - "Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie"

© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. -A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 6 - "Flower Pot Head with Lucky Tie"

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